Monday, May 25, 2009


Here's a little more on that bogus "terror plot" that was uncovered in New York this week.

From The New York Daily News:

Girlfriends of accused Bronx wanna-be terrorists defend their men

My man's no terrorist!

The girlfriends of two of the accused Bronx bomb plotters said Saturday their beaus are sweet, sensitive and devoted men who were taken advantage of by an overzealous informant.

"David is the most sensitive man I've ever met," Cassandra McCoy said of her boyfriend, David Williams.

"He has three leatherbound books of poetry, where he writes beautiful books about growing up without a father. He loves kids.

"There's no way that he's the man the government is making him out to be."

Kathleen Baynes said the informant she knew as "Maqsood" plied her boyfriend James Cromitie with cash, free food, rent money and even bags of marijuana.

"This is entrapment," Baynes, 44, said. "They come and hit a brother who is down and out, and tell him they'll give him the world. Maqsood is no different than a pimp or drug dealer sitting on 42nd St."

Baynes said the informant, identified as Shahed Hussain, began stalking Cromitie, 44, even after she told him her boyfriend moved away.

"Maqsood would keep ringing our doorbell, and James would hide behind the sofa," Baynes said.

"I know something wasn't right with Maqsood from the beginning. He would call and say, 'I got lots of money. Anything you need I can give you, sister.'"

A law enforcement source said the informant was not authorized to pay anyone, and even told Cromitie that only those "pure" recruits who did it from their heart could be involved.

"It's all a lie, and the government knows deep down inside that these four men are not terrorists," Baynes said. "We're going to stand together as a family and watch God move mountains."

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    Riot Kitty said...


    ZenYenta said...

    Yeah. Lawyer Sister said there might be significant entrapment issues when she first read about the "plot". Turns out to be even worse than it seemed at first. I think Obama knew what he was doing when he didn't even mention it in his speech on national security which took place right after the arrest. This is another fine mess.

    Grandpa Eddie said...

    Riot Kitty - Eek is right.

    ZenYenta - When I first heard about this "arrest" it sounded a little hokey.

    I'm really glad Obama didn't mention this in his speech.

    I'm sure that Cheney and his daughter are eating this up, though.

    phuckpolitics said...

    Everyone knows that if you have three leather bound books of poetry then you can't be a terrorist.

    This case should be thrown out of court because of entrapment. Will it? Not a chance in hell.

    Grandpa Eddie said...

    phuckpolitics - Entrapment is all this was. But you're right, this won't be thrown out of court because the press and the fascists like Dick & Liz Cheney are eating it up.