Saturday, May 23, 2009



SheaNC said...

That's encouraging news to folks like me who live in an area that's chock full of wingnuts. It helps to remember that they're not in the majority everywhere!

Sidhe said...

I quit identifying myself as Republican a few years prior to the period covered in this data, but my disgust with the party really built during the most recent Bush administration. Now, it's hard for me to remember why I ever was on that side...As I tend to think of myself as a fairly normal and logical person, I think that more and more people will feel the same as I do and leave the party as it moves more and more to the right.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Shea - I hear ya buddy! The county I live in is so conservative that we haven't carried a Democrat for anything since William Proxmire was elected as a Senator.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Sidhe - I have to agree with you. I think the farther and farther the Rethugs move to the right the more people will leave them, sort of like the way people left the party after Sen Joe McCarthy went off the deep end with his "red scare" in the '50's.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

I am very much afraid that all y'all proclaiming the death/disappearance of the GOP are celebrating prematurely, and misunderestimating the depths of its support out in the 'heartland.'

The owners NEED both parties to preserve the illusion of democratic choice, so if the Pukes were indeed to fade into irrelevance, they would surely be resurrected. All it would take would be another terror event and a decent publicity effort.

Neither of which is out of the reach--practically or morally--of the owners.

More and more I am coming to believe that Obama is a one-termer, destined to be saddled with all the Bushevik fuck-ups he's unable to clean up; a scapegoat, in the truest sense. Unless he can dredge up massive support for at least one controversial initiative (and he cannot), he'll be a lame-duck by 2011.

Gordon said...

One of the things that troubles me a little is the yingyangs that no longer describe themselves as Repugs because they think the Repug party is too far to the left.

Those 'tards are still out there. Thank God they don't have a party any more.

I am comforted somewhat by the realization that most people are dissociating themselves from the Repugs for the right reasons.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Woody - I don't think anyone is ready to play taps for the GOP. I'm sure that none of us think they are going to completely disappear. They'll rebuild and return...hopefully not so far to the right.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Gordon - We'll always have to deal with those who are really far right, just like we have those who are really far left who say they are not Democrats. Fascists and communists....they'll always be there.

It is good to see those who are more moderate pulling away from the hardline right-wingers.

ZenYenta said...

I just hope they stay in the wilderness until they get some sane members back. I'll never agree with them, but they didn't used to scare me like they do now and there was an occasional one who was really good.

Distributorcap said...

as much as they are marginalizing themselves -- they onlyh need one thing - an economic debacle or terrorist attack to mount the comebacks of all comebacks

no matter - they make me puke nonetheless

SheaNC said...

"I don't think anyone is ready to play taps for the GOP"Along with that, we who oppose the radical right cannot get complacent, or we will lose everything we've gained. Already we're slipping towards Obama's being a one-term scapegoat that simply empowers the right's resurgence. One thing they proved in the past is that they have an uncanny abilty to focus themselves into a unified force and win elections through all manner of methods, legitimate and otherwise.

We on the left, on the other hand, are the victims of our own good qualities: we respect diversity and individuality, with results in a chaotic caucophony of different ideals and values. So even though our ideals are better for humanity, the game of politics (throughout history) is rigged in favor of the unswerving dictatorship. Home field advantage to the radical right.

So maybe we are destined to maintain our values and remain an underclass, like the Amish.

skyewriter said...

First, sorry this is so long...

While I thoroughly enjoy watching the train wreck presently occupying the GOP, I am still concerned that those on the left (of whom I am proud to say I am one) may become complacent.

Obama has already side-stepped, back-talked, dare I say wriggled out of some things he campaigned about.

He is a great asset to those of us in the country that want it to move forward again. He needs to be reminded by letters and email that he works for *us* not Washington interest groups and Wall Street.

One interesting thing about him: he seems a bit touchy about his public image. If enough people started to gripe (and publicly) I think he'd wake up a bit from that little haze he's fallen into in the Oval Office.

He has a lot to deal with, but that's why we picked him for the job.

Second, I have to agree with you, too, Shea. The sympathies of the left may be it's undoing. We need to remember that WE WON. We need to get our representatives to start acting like it and quit pussing out.

Grandpa Eddie said...

ZenYenta - Ever since Reagan, the radical christian right has had way to much pull with the Rethugs and in politics in general. This is the reason so many of us are scared of the conservatives. If they can make the break from the control of religion, and get back to where they were before Goldwater, they would be more acceptable.

D-Cap - Well we've already got an economic debacle that they helped create. That leaves a terrorist attack, and I think we all know that they aren't above helping one happen here.

Shea - "Home field advantage to the radical right."

They will keep that "home field advantage", because we are honest and caring while they are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to get what they want...and the American Taliban is more than willing to aid them in their lying, cheating, and stealing.

skyewriter - Don't apologize for a "mini-post." It's quite alright.

Complacency is one thing we on the left must avoid. We ALL need to keep reminding Barry that we are the ones that put him there, and he is supposed to be working for us.

We must stay on top of our Senators and Representatives and keep reminding them that we won and that they better grow a spine and do what we sent them to Congress to do.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

I am with Sidhe, here, in that I used to be one too. But like that Newt on Monty Python--I got better.

A lot of it came from serving my first few years as an adult in the military. At that time, The Dems were not so friendly to the Military or the VA, esp in terms of retirements, and such like. Or so it seemed at the time. {I was very young and believed everything I heard}

If it turns out that we have any of the leadership from the Bush Junta up for a War Crimes Tribunal, then even a terrorist attack couldnt put that humpty dumpty back together again. And Its high time too.

Like others, who live in Wingnut saturated territory, it is good to know that this is not the way of the world, but simply the way of this place I occupy currently.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Seeing Eye Chick - That's something that I must keep reminding myself of every time I get pissed off with all the Rethugs in this county, that this is the way it is here...but it's not like this everywhere.

My wife's son lives in Madison, the state capital, which is very liberal. The county it is in, Dane, is a liberal county. We are hoping that someday we will be able to move there, if not right in Madison at least somewhere in Dane County.