Saturday, May 16, 2009


Let's see what information Keith Olbermann has on how this will effect Texas and what it will cost them. And while we're at it, let's see how much the rest of the country will benefit from a Texas secession.


Northwoods said...

Sorry but this is typical left wing media hogwash!
He completly fails to mention that Texas (as few other states) pays the fed in taxes more than they receive in return. Despite the federal milking, Texas has a muti billion dollar surplus.
This report is completely one sided and completely untrue!
I'd say he needs to back away from the kool aid trough but the "He is the one who's serving it"!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Northwoods - Sorry, dude, this is not hogwash. Texas may receive back less in "normal" tax dollars, but those "normal" tax dollars do not include all the Federal funds Texas receives for disaster relief, or the extra for the increased military presence along the border with Mexico.

Texas needs us more than we need them.

skyewriter said...

Why is it that the completely researched and supported points made by Mr. Olbermann (military costs, medicare, social security, loss of NASA, etc.) are completely blown off by you, Northwoods, for the blase (and dittohead) RW talking points of "typical left wing media" and "koolaid"? You can check all of his facts online; it's very simple and any kid with an 8th grade education can find these things in a google search.

Try something original and get an argument a bit deeper than *taxes* (grunt).

Gordon said...

KO's report was hilarious. Yeah, Texass, go ahead and bail. We'll see how your citizens like it when you have to raise taxes to the moon because you have to support yourself with money from within your own border 100% of the time. You'll come crawling back like a kid outta work who begs his parents to let him live in the basement.

SheaNC said...

LOL! Yeah, let 'em secede :) Then maybe we'll see how many of them wise up and realize the stupidity of the rightwing concept of take-take-take all the advantages of taxpayer-funded citizenship while whining and complaining the whole time like spoiled little children. All they need is their guns, their bibles, and some aryan DNA, right?

Riot Kitty said...

I just wish they WOULD secede. Along with all of the other backwards-ass states.

Grandpa Eddie said...

skyewriter - If I could have been sure you were gonna stop by today I woulda just let you have at Northwoods. You did a much better job of retorting than I did.

Actually, though, I don't think an 8th grade education is required for that type of goggle search.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Gordon - I think Perry and the rest of the 'tards are blowing smoke. They know how much they'll lose if they leave. Plus, they know the problems they'll have with the Hispanic vote(who generally vote Dem)in a few years.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Shea - They're not gonna leave. If they did, they wouldn't have anyone who would listen to all their whining, crying, and bellyaching.....not that many of us pay attention now.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Riot Kitty - If they left and took all the other backwards-ass states with them that would leave what, three maybe four red states.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

I live in New Mexico.

We have a dicho, a saying:

"Poor New Mexico! So far from Heaven! So close to Tejas!"

The question to me is: What story is this one intended to distract us from? The Economy? War? Torture? Climate Change?

Those are the only ones that matter. Pretty much all the rest is window dressing or wedgies...

Nancy said...

Northwoods is an uninformed "prepper" or survivalist whose main goal in life is to preserve God, Guts and Guns and to hell with facts. Olbermann does his research. Northwoods tuned into Limbaugh.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Woody - I think you may have hit on something there. Could very well be just an attempt to distract.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Nancy - ...and he's a "prepper" from here. I think ya got the Anal Cyst thing right.

Papamoka said...

All I can say is WTF! Wow! Sometimes these things that people say or demand isn't really well thought out. Amen to brother Olbermann.

And the new color scheme is working but I'm thinking something is missing. Gray on the edges and even lighter in the posts? Don't know. It's easier on the eyes though. What do your other readers think? Have you asked them about it?

Grandpa Eddie said...

Papmoka - I don't think the right thinks out anything very well anymore.

I was having trouble with the white background and thought I'd try to mute it somewhat. I hadn't thought about asking anyone what they thought about the color. Maybe I should.

Northwoods said...

Ok you guys,
I made the mistake of saying "left wing" and I apologize.
I do disagree with what Olberman had to say though.
Left or right I don't think there is much difference anymore.
I firmly believe in the foundation of our constitution and no one trashed it more than Bush did with the so called patriot act.
We my have slightly differant political views but we are all Americans, I'll respect your beliefs if you reel me some slack on mine.
And Nancy...Yes I believe in "God Guns and Guts" my two Marine Corps sons do too.
They might not be fighting were you want them to be but they weren't given a choice, nor was I!
Yet we defend your right to slang us.
God,Guns and Guts...I've lived with that and in at least some small measure for you!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Northwoods - I can agree to disagree, different ideas can come from a difference in opinion, which can form better ideas. I can also agree that there isn't as much difference between the Democrats and Republicans as there once was, although I think there is much more than you're willing to admit.

One thing I don't deal well with is when someone waves their patriotism, and what they've "done" for this country, in front of my face like a flag.

My mother had three brothers who fought to save the world from Nazi domination. Her youngest brother was only 17 when he enlisted in the Marines. He started out in North Africa, fought in Sicily and up the boot of Italy. From there he was shipped to the South Pacific. NOT ONCE did we here anything from them how they fought for us or anyone else. They were just glad they had the opportunity to serve.

My wife's father had enlisted to fight the Nazis also. He was one of the participants of the Battle of the Bulge. Maybe you've heard of that. You know, soldiers surrounded, short of ammunition, close to death, but they fought through and held on until help could arrive. NOT ONCE did he ever talk about it, and NEVER ONCE did he brag about his patriotism or what he had done.

I lost a cousin in Vietnam. He was a Green Beret. The one time he was allowed to come home on leave was when our grandmother died. During that time he never once talked about Vietnam, or his patriotism for serving. He was KIA one month after returning.

I appreciate what you have done for me, my family, and my country. I also appreciate what your sons are doing. But DO NOT come here and wave you're patriotism in my face or the face of any of my readers! For to me, that's not patriotism. That's being a bragger and TRUE patriots aren't braggers.

BTW...My readers are just as patriotic as you, maybe even more so. For you see none of us believe that any state should secede, because that in itself is about as unpatriotic as one can get.

themom said...

Way to go GE. Nothwoods is entitled to his lame opinion and keep his head buried in the sand. But KO laid it all out - and he does his research for sure. I don't like when my patriotism is challenged, as if it can only be worn by the "other guys." I lost way too many friends in Vietnam (which was NOT a war according to some) and cannot forgive that senseless waste of lives. KO said is all quite succinctly.

Grandpa Eddie said...

themom - I, too, lost more than just my cousin in that "non" war. There were several people I knew from high school who came home from there in a box.

When I was younger (I think I was 14) I had one of those "patriots" tell me that I was no patriot and had no rights until I served in the military. He said that was the only way I could actually have the rights guaranteed in the Constitution. That statement drove me to reading the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution, the knowledge of which came in handy several times during high school,...and realized just how full of shit the SOB was. I later found out that the bastard had never served in the military himself.

Nancy said...

Northwoods - When I read your self-righteous attempt to paint only yourself as patriotic, I was too pissed to respond at that moment. Without knowing a single thing about me, my background or my family, you assumed a position of false authority and omnipotence at knowing you have somehow protected my right to disagree with you.

Like Eddie, I have generations of family members who have served in the military, fought in wars based on lies and died in foreign countries fighting for this country. One of my brothers died a horrible death in Viet Nam. I will not pat myself on the back here for any of my achievments at patriotism, nor will I self-righteously stand on an internet soap-box extoling the virtues of my sacrifices as you have.

I thank you for your service to this country, however, because you hold yourself in such high esteem, I don't believe you have learned an ounce humility, nor respect for your fellow citizens of this country. Those of you who extole God, Guns and Guts have made a false assumption that you and only you are entitled to be "real Americans" all the while never knowing the sacrifices those who do not have the same beliefs as you do have given their sons, brothers and husbands to defend YOUR right to "slang" us.

My family members were not given a choice either, sir. In fact, they actually died for this country. So please take your false sense of patriocity, your mockery, your god, your guns and your guts and put them where the sun don't shine.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Nancy - Bravo! Well said my dear.

Northwoods - Just a little more information. Both my mother's family and my father's family came to this fair land on the Mayflower. My ancestors have fought in the French-Indian War, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, The Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, the First Gulf War, and the present Gulf War which we were lied to about to get us into it. The only wars where a member of my family has not been are Korea and Afghanistan.

Gordon said...

I will disagree with Northwoods slightly - I respect your right to have whatever beliefs you choose, or agree to have chosen for you, but I will not necessarily respect those beliefs as in the case of 99% of wingtard hogwash.

And, yes I did serve in the military to protect our Constitutional rights. All of them, including the 2d Amendment.

I also disagree with Woody - parts of northern New Mexico are very close to Heaven, but way too close to Tejas and Colorado.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Gordon - I have nothing to add.

willis said...

Let this idiot leave Texas anytime he wants....and I'll drive the miserable fuck where ever he wants to go except Washington DC.

Grandpa Eddie said...

willis - You can take him anywhere you want except up here.