Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Oh no! Say it ain't so! Civil unrest in the GOP!

This actually is nothing new. After the election in November members of the Grand Old Poopy were laying blame for the lose of the White House, as well as control of the Senate and the House of Representatives, on members of their own party. They just couldn't see that the party as a whole had screwed up for eight years and that people were tired of their crap.

But I digress, and must get back on track.

Last weekend, during the Beer Hall...oops..I meant to say Pizza Shop....meeting, which I posted on, where Eric Cantor, Jeb Bush, and Mitt Romney had with 50 (yes you read that right, 50) supporters, Romney made a snide remark about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin making it to Time Magazine's list of Top 100 Influential People. The comment was something to the effect of "was it influential or beautiful."

Now the supporters of Palin, the purist hockey mom[snark], is striking back by taking one of Romney's campaign videos and changing it to make him look like a wimp, and her like a hero....or at least that's what it seems like.

From Alter Net:

Palin Supporters Attack Romney

Some YouTube savvy Palin supporters didn't like Mitt's latest jab at the Alaskan governor.

"Was that the issue on the most beautiful people or the most influential people?"

That was Mitt Romney's pretty petty response to a question about Governor Sarah Palin, referencing her appearance on Time magazine's list of most influential people.

Well some YouTube savvy Palin supporters decided that they weren't going to take the remark lying down:

Here's the original Romney video:

"There's a Bore in the Woods" is a spoof of a Ronald Reagan campaign ad from 1984 that used a bear and ominous narration to question Walter Mondale's preparedness for dealing with the Soviet Union:

I look forward to what will surely be a harsh YouTube retort from Romney's supporters, perhaps referencing 1952's "I Like Ike" ad.

I thought I'd throw that last one in just for the hell of it.


Anonymous said...

That Palin is on Time Magazine's list of Top 100 Influential People says more about the folks publishing the magazine than anything else.
Batshit craziness must be more contagious than swine flu. . .

Riot Kitty said...

They are two people who are equally talented at being ignorant and being assholes, in my opinion.

Grandpa Eddie said...

jeg43 - I'm still trying to figure out just how she got on that list....without doing someone at the Mag a Clintonesque Oval Office favor.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Riot Kitty - Ya nailed it!

Gordon said...

'Influential' doesn't necessarily mean in a good way, but if they put Mooselini in there, they shoulda put 'Joe the Wannabe Plumber' too.

I hope Moosebreath beats Romney's hair to death with her, er, chest.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Gordon - I see now that the group of WATB have bowed to the pressure of the Jabba the Anal Cyst and have brought Palin into their crew of criminal malcontents.

I still don't understand how she got picked for Top 100. The last thing I would think of her as influential....more like a whiny conniving bitch.

Will Staples said...

Oh gawd, Palin and Romney - my two least favorite people in American politics (me being from Massachusetts). Maybe if we're lucky they'll tear each other to shreds.

I don't buy these so-called moderates and their "listening" business. They're just like David Cameron across the pond, tidying up the GOP until there's nothing offensive about it - but just like the Tories in the UK, once you take away the offensive part of the GOP, there's not much left.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Will Staples - The "listening tour" only lasted one weekend, then they were told by Limbaugh...the Fat Anal Cyst...that a "teaching tour" is what they needed to do. Of course, that's not what's needed either. We all know what they are like.