Friday, May 08, 2009


Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer and President Obama did his duty and asked the American public to pray, and that's all he's required to do. But that wasn't good enough to satisfy the Radical Christian Right. They got all pissed off because Barry didn't invite them to the White House, like the groveling idiot Bush did, and he didn't tell everyone that they are to follow the "bible" like the Radical Christian Right wants everyone to.

Here's what Rachel Maddow had on this last night.


skyewriter said...

You know, whenever any of the "America-was-founded-on Christian-principles" yahoos uses this *completely fallacious statement*, I like to point them to Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli. (And also to the Library of Congress' website to search for news-letters reporting on that treaty wherein the American public was in 100% support of the clause supporting the separation of Church and State).

Have you seen Religulous? Bill Maher cites recent studies which give evidence that 12% of Americans identify themselves as Atheist; that's bigger than any other minority group in this country. That "silent" majority needs to start speaking up. Our country was founded on Grecco-Roman Civics, *Ethics*, and Public Laws; not Morality, Fire and Brimstone.

Rachel Maddow: I love her.

ZenYenta said...

They need to get used to the idea that we have a president who isn't pandering to morons. It's quite the adjustment for them to make.

themom said...

Excellent video - I love Rachel, unfortunately I don't get MSNBC and have to rely on the website. But I digress, if these masses believe so much in prayer - why is there pain and suffering, why are people homeless, why hasn't their God fixed this financial debacle.. I could go on and on - but what pryaers are being answered here?

I agree with skywriter above, you have to see Maher's Religulous - it is great.

Riot Kitty said...

I can't wait until all of these idiots die off.

Grandpa Eddie said...

skyewriter - Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli is a good item to point out to them as well as the 1st Amendment, although many of the "holier than thou" crowd likes to ignore both.

They seem to believe because a deity/creator is mentioned in the Bill of Rights they think the Founding Fathers were talking about the god they worship. As far as we know they could have been talking about the Muslim's Allah, or for that matter Budda or Zeus.

ZenYenta - It's an adjustment they are going to HAVE to make, or become totally insignificant.

themom - I love Rachel, too, and don't always get a chance to watch her show either. Therefore I rely on the website for much of my viewing.

Prayer is a hoax! I read somewhere that it is estimated that 9/10ths of 1% of all prayers are "answered." Sounds more like dumb luck to me.

I've gotta see if I can get my hands on that Maher video.

Riot kitty - I can't wait either...and the sooner the better, not only for this country but for the rest of the world, also.



And to all of those who have not suffered through a long 9 months, have a HAPPY DAY ANYWAY!

Gordon said...

Great minds again. Damn, we're good!

Grandpa Eddie said...

"Damn, we're good!"

Yes we are Gordon. We're goddamn fuckin' good!