Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I just got done watching Rep. Paul Ryan (R,WI) on MSNBC blurting out crap about the 'budget' the Rethuglicans came up with. I really despise that guy, and once again no I didn't vote for him.

Ryan started talking about how President Obama's budget is all wrong for America and how their plan was right. He was saying how Obama's budget would push us farther into debt. Excuse me, the last eight years of tax cuts for the wealthy, over spending by the Rethuglicans, and the costs of an illegal war which were never figured into any budget have worked to send this country deep into debt......over a trillion dollars into debt. This is a debt that was not there when Clinton left office and Bush took over. The Rethuglicans are also the reason our economy is in the shape it is in, for it was a Rethuglican bill that took the controls off the banking industry and Wall Street.

The Rethuglican budget is full of all the same failed ideas they have used the last eight years. Eliminate the Capital Gains Tax for twenty years, benefiting only the wealthy. Cut the taxes on industry, again. Make permanent the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 which were passed for the benefit of the wealthy. Lower the tax rate of the wealthy again, this time to 25%. Ryan also tried to bluff the low income people into believing they were getting a tax cut through their budget by telling everyone that couples making under $100,000 per year would see their taxes cut to 10%. Everyone making the median income or below already has a tax rate of 10% or less, so that means the people that can least afford it would see their taxes go up.

Ryan, and the rest of the Rethuglicans, want to cut or freeze all spending except for defense and veteran affairs, and I think they will once again cut spending on the veterans as soon as they get the chance. The cuts and freezing of spending would mean that there would be no more spending on education, infrastructure, or health care. Nothing would change for those of us who have no medical coverage.

The Rethuglicans also want to give the control for Medicare to the states. They say the Governors should have control of it because they know best how to spend it in their own states. Not a good idea, not with Governors like Sanders, and Jindal, and Palin. I think we all know what would happen to Medicare in their states, the poor would get no help at all.

Same old fucking bullshit from the same old fucking idiots. Same old worn out failed policies that have gotten this country into the shape it is in now. Same crap, cut the taxes of the wealthy and make the working poor cover the costs.


Jacob said...

Ryan is Wisconsin's answer to Eric Cantor!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Gee...thanks Jacob, I really needed that to brighten my day.

In a way you're right...they're both idiots looking out for the wealthy.