Thursday, April 09, 2009


Rupert Murdoch and the clowns who work for him have gone way to fucking far now. The Fox Network, owned by Murdoch, is planning on airing a "Reality Show" about workers choosing who's going to get a pink slip.

From Alter Net:

Fox Hits New Low: Reality TV Show Makes Game of Lay-offs

When Rupert Murdoch attacks!

Talk about poor taste. Fox is reportedly* launching a reality TV show called Someone's Gotta Go, in which employees of a small business decide which of their colleagues will be laid off.

I guess Schadenfreude gets ratings.

Fox execs reportedly went with the show after selecting from a number of pitches, including Someone's Gotta Get Advanced Pancreatic Cancer and Someone's Puppy Has Gotta Die.

*This was reported by the AP, but I won't link to their content because of this BS.

(Hat-tip to Joshua Holland at AlterNet )

Joshua wouldn't show the article associated with this, but I will.

From and the Associated Press:

Fox to make reality TV show out of company layoffs

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Fox network is letting employees of some troubled small businesses decide which one of their colleagues will be laid off and turning the results into a reality show.

The series, "Someone's Gotta Go," is in production, but Fox wouldn't say on Wednesday when it would go on the air.

Each episode will feature a company with about 15 or 20 employees that needs to cut costs because of the economy. Instead of the boss deciding who is fired, the company will open its books to show everyone's salaries and let the employees make the call.

In an inverse to "The Apprentice," the chosen one loses, instead of gets, a job.

Fox says the laid-off worker will get a small severance, but isn't saying whether the network or producers are paying the participants in anything beyond the chance for prime-time fame. Fox is developing the show with Endemol USA, the company behind "Big Brother," "Deal or No Deal" and "Fear Factor."

Tory Johnson, founder and chief executive of Women For Hire, which organizes job fairs and advises women seeking work, said she wonders whether "Someone's Gotta Go" is a good idea at a time so many people are out of work.

"For most people who are concerned about job security or are desperate to get hired, I don't think there's much to laugh at in terms of watching someone else's pain and misery," said Johnson, a regular contributor to ABC's "Good Morning America."

But Mike Darnell, chief of alternative programming at Fox, said everyone who participates in the show knows fully what they are doing.

"I feel that it's part of the times that we are living in," Darnell said. "It's certainly no worse than watching the news every night and hearing all the statistics and watching what is happening. To be frank, like all these shows, if you don't want to watch, don't watch it."

Fox and Endemol have had "absolutely no trouble" finding companies willing to participate, he said.

Fox wouldn't reveal the show's host, which it says is a business consultant who will offer advice to participating companies.

Darnell, a fan of "The Office," said he'd been working with Endemol about a workplace show, perhaps involving an expert coming in to help a dysfunctional workplace, when he saw a news report about a company where the boss couldn't decide who to lay off and left the job to his employees.

That became the basis for "Someone's Gotta Go."

He envisions it as a story about employee empowerment. Many people in the workplace can relate to seeing a colleague laid off and wondered why someone else they perceived as less valuable kept their job, he said.

Darnell said he wasn't concerned about the emotional fallout in a workplace after "Someone's Gotta Go," where an employee might be left to work with a colleague they'd just said on national television should be fired.

"Sounds like good reality television," he said. "You just described a good concept for a reality TV show."

The Fuks Network has gone over the edge with this.

I guess I won't be watching any baseball this summer or football this fall on Fuks Sports!


Nancy said...

"Darnell said he wasn't concerned about the emotional fallout in a workplace after "Someone's Gotta Go," where an employee might be left to work with a colleague they'd just said on national television should be fired."

What a fine upstanding specimen of human kindness (sarcasm). That guy should get his lights punched out.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Nancy - Of course he doesn't care, he's getting his paycheck and Murdoch is making millions so why should the beady-eyed little bastard be worried about anyone else. He won't be there to feel the pain that other person is gonna have to feel.

Nancy said...


Grandpa Eddie said...

There ya go kid!

Now you've got it!

Gordon said...

worker layoffs to make money

Tried and true. That and asset stripping is how Mitt Romney got rich too.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Gordon, are you willing to join me in a total boycott of the Fuks Netwerk?

Gordon said...

Sorry, Ed, Mrs. G watches NASCAR on Fuks. That's a fight I'll stay out of because I'll lose.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Dude, I asked you not Mrs G....I ain't THAT crazy.

Jacob said...

FAUX News is a joke. Unfortunately, the joke's on us!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Jacob - If they go through with this I will be boycotting everything that the Fuks Netwerk broadcasts....including baseball and football, and I'm a big fan of both...although the football thing has been waning a bit the last few years.

Jacob said...

I gave up on all professional sports long ago. And I never watch FAUX for any reason!

It upsets my stomach.