Wednesday, April 15, 2009


On Tuesday 14 April 2009, the Department of Homeland Security released a report with the findings that there has been an increase in right-wing extremism. Some conservatives, such as Michelle Malkin, Rushhole Limpballs, and Fuks Nuz's David Asman, have said that the Obama administration and DHS have targeted them and veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The statements from these people couldn't be any farther from the truth.

Here's some of what MSNBC has on this subject.

WASHINGTON - Homeland Security officials are warning that right-wing extremists could use the bad state of the U.S. economy and the election of the country's first black president to recruit members to their cause.

In an intelligence assessment issued to law enforcement last week, Homeland Security officials said there was no specific information about an attack in the works by right-wing extremists.

The agency warns that an extended economic downturn with real estate foreclosures, unemployment and an inability to obtain credit could foster an environment for extremists to recruit members who may not have been supportive of these causes in the past.

Homeland Security spokesman Sean Smith said the report is one in a series of assessments issued by the agency's intelligence and analysis unit. The agency describes these assessments as part of a series published "to facilitate a greater understanding of the phenomenon of violent radicalization in the United States."

In February, the department issued a report to law enforcement that said left-wing extremist groups were likely to use cyber attacks more often in the next 10 years to further their cause. And in September, the agency issued a report that highlighted how right-wing extremists over the past five years have used the immigration debate as a recruiting tool.

Here are some of the findings from the DHS report.

— (U//LES) Threats from white supremacist and violent antigovernment groups
during 2009 have been largely rhetorical and have not indicated plans to carry
out violent acts. Nevertheless, the consequences of a prolonged economic
downturn—including real estate foreclosures, unemployment, and an inability
to obtain credit—could create a fertile recruiting environment for rightwing
extremists and even result in confrontations between such groups and
government authorities similar to those in the past.

— (U//LES) Rightwing extremists have capitalized on the election of the first
African American president, and are focusing their efforts to recruit new
members, mobilize existing supporters, and broaden their scope and appeal
through propaganda, but they have not yet turned to attack planning.
(U//FOUO) The current economic and political climate has some similarities to the
1990s when rightwing extremism experienced a resurgence fueled largely by an
economic recession, criticism about the outsourcing of jobs, and the perceived threat to
U.S. power and sovereignty by other foreign powers.

— (U//FOUO) During the 1990s, these issues contributed to the growth in the
number of domestic rightwing terrorist and extremist groups and an increase in
violent acts targeting government facilities, law enforcement officers, banks,
and infrastructure sectors.

— (U//FOUO) Growth of these groups subsided in reaction to increased
government scrutiny as a result of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and
disrupted plots, improvements in the economy, and the continued U.S. standing
as the preeminent world power.

(U//FOUO) The possible passage of new restrictions on firearms and the return of
military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities
could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists
capable of carrying out violent attacks.

* (U) Rightwing extremism in the United States can be broadly divided into those groups, movements, and
adherents that are primarily hate-oriented (based on hatred of particular religious, racial or ethnic groups),
and those that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or
rejecting government authority entirely. It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a
single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.

— (U//FOUO) Proposed imposition of firearms restrictions and weapons bans
likely would attract new members into the ranks of rightwing extremist groups,
as well as potentially spur some of them to begin planning and training for
violence against the government. The high volume of purchases and
stockpiling of weapons and ammunition by rightwing extremists in anticipation
of restrictions and bans in some parts of the country continue to be a primary
concern to law enforcement.

— (U//FOUO) Returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are
attractive to rightwing extremists. DHS/I&A is concerned that rightwing
extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to
boost their violent capabilities.

Crooks And Liars, here, here, and here, as well as one at Orcinus which is here with video.

Malkin, Limpballs, Asman, and other conservatards say they are being targeted in this report. They say this is an attack on all conservatives in America, when it is a report on the increase in extremists. Maybe they are admitting that they are extremists, but then didn't we already know that they are.


Nancy said...

Right-wing extremists are using immigration, the economy and whatever other excuse they can come up with to hide the fact that it's really all about race. Of course white "supremists" don't have to hide behind anything since they love being biggoted, racists who want nothing more than to do whatever it takes to take Obama out. Conservatives are upset they're being targeted for inciting hatred and increased formation of extremists? Well, DUH! Eddie, these people scare me more than Bush's manufactured unseen terrorists ever did. Talk about a "long national nightmare"...this is it.

I would love to know what Homeland Security is doing about this very real threat.

Grandpa Eddie said...

It's not just race though Nancy. It's also politics. A very large number of these right-wing extremists are fascists and, like so many conservatards, want a fascist govt in America.

Nancy said...

You're right. It boils down to power. Our eight years of uneasiness is still prevalent unless the gov't can do something about these monsters. I know they live in nooks and crannies of the county I live in - hiding under rocks anxiously waiting to come out to attack.

Grandpa Eddie said...

And they are hiding in the towns we live in. I know there are some here, and I'm sure there are some in Yuba City, too.

Nancy said...

They openly post comments on our local news website. They're so proud of themselves, its sickening. I can't read what they say anymore. It ruins my day.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Heh...maybe the DHS has been watching them.

SheaNC said...

Well, I'll say one thing: Right wing extremist love the Appeal-Democrat newspaper forums! :)

Grandpa Eddie said...

Shea - That's pretty much the same thing Nancy was telling me.
I really feel sorry for you two. Of course the nut cases near you seem to be out in the open, unlike the ones here who hide behind their religion.

SheaNC said...

It really is weird, they're the majority here and they still hate everyone and everything except that which is blessed by the wingnut media.

There's even one who uses all the typical rightwing blather, and then defends the fact that her husband works for the county and they deserve their taxpayer-funded retirement! And another who also slams Obama and all things liberal, but is on SSI and claims she is entitled to it! AAAUUUGGGHH!!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Shea, they are a contradiction of terms.