Thursday, April 23, 2009


The deep seated bigotry of the Rethuglican Party has been well known by all of us for a long time.
Here's some fresh crap from them during the last 24 hours.

From Alter Net:

The Latest Republican Bigotry Roundup

Note to Republicans: Being the anti-minority party is the surest route to becoming the permanent minority party. Your hatred, contempt, and fear of anyone who is not a straight white Christian man makes you very unappealing to anyone who isn't. Or who likes and respects anyone who isn't. Or who has a shred of human decency and compassion. Locking up the bigot vote won't do you much good if you lose everyone else.

For the ladies, we have:

  • "Men's rights lawyer" Roy Den Hollander vows to continue his lawsuit against Columbia University for "aiding and advancing the modern-day religion of Feminism," even after a judge recommended that it be dismissed.

  • Rush Limbaugh says that torture is just a great big hyped-up myth, just like domestic violence, which is really nothing more than shouting. Hey, I guess that means all those women's crisis centers have to do is hand out earplugs, and the problem will be solved!

For the minorities:

  • Wingnut former Congressman Virgil Goode is going to speak to campus hate groups Youth for Western Civilization and Young Americans for Freedom about "Free Speech, Hate Speech, and the Multiculturalism" (yes, "the Multiculturalism") and "The Creeping Influence of Islam in America."

  • Larry Kudlow is enraged - enraged! - by Obama's "Boyz N The Hood handshake" with Hugo Chavez. Oh well, at least he didn't accuse the President Of The United States of throwing gang signs. Yet.

I thought I wouldn't have anything for the gays tonight, but the Florida GOP came through for me at the last minute by deciding to paint Miss California as an innocent victim of Gay Persecution because pageant judge Perez Hilton said mean things about her after she came out against gay marriage.

It. Never. Stops. America is slowly but steadily moving towards tolerance, yet the GOP is still racing in the opposite direction. The Republicans sane enough to sound a warning are marginalized, while the crazies are lionized. They tell themselves that it's only us crazy liberals who are disgusted by their hatemongering (and pissing off liberals is, like, the most awesome thing you can do), and that delusion is their downfall.

(Hat-tip to Eli at Firedoglake)


skyewriter said...

"Victim of gay persecution"

I had to laugh out loud at that one it is so pathetic...

Apparently, these folks have never heard of (or have conveniently forgotten) Brandon Teena, Matthew Shepard, or Justin “Angie” Zapata (the verdict not even cold on that one).

Grandpa Eddie said...

skyewriter - These people don't give a damn about anyone who may be "different" then they are.

Their only concern is that of those who are white, wealthy, and male.

Another good example is Andrew Ross who Moosebreath Palin wanted to install as Alaska's AG.

A World Quite Mad said...

The founder of the chapter of "Youth for Western Civilization" at UNC-CH gave an interview, in which it was quite evident that he was a racist prick. I just don't believe some people. You gotta wonder why their parents didn't raise them to be better human beings.

Jacob said...

Any Repugnican who defends torture should be subjected to immediate waterboarding until such time as he or she either becomes a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat or dies!

ZIRGAR said...

All I'm gonna say is that the right finds some way to piss me off every day, and they have to audacity to talk about the left like we're the ones sowing fear and hatred. Unbelievable.

Grandpa Eddie said...

A World Gone Mad - Maybe their parents weren't human either.

Jacob - I like the dying thing.

ZIRGAR - I'm glad I'm not the only one ready to pop a cork every day.