Friday, April 24, 2009


Sean Hannity, another Fuks Nuz idiot, is trivializing torture by saying he would be willing to go through waterboarding. When will these fucking idiots wake up and realize that this is serious shit and not a game for them to make fun of and toy with!?!

Fuck you Hannity! I'm sure I can find...oh, let's see....several hundred people that I personally know who would be more than willing to waterboard you and everybody else at Fuks Nuz!


skyewriter said...

I thought Keith was right on about this last night... this is no joking matter.

It doesn't matter how long they waterboard this tool-- he will *know* that it will end. Even if they do it to him more than once, it will not become an internalized fear.

Lawrence O'Donnell also made some good points about this.

Thanks for the clip.

A World Quite Mad said...

I'm telling you, let's waterboard him for charity... everyone can pledge what they can for each second he lasts. Keith said he'd donate a $1000 per second.

IMHO, I don't see Hannity lasting more than a minute. Still, that's a lot of money to your favorite charity!

Grandpa Eddie said...

skyewriter - Keith did do a great job on this last night. And you're right, this is no joking matter, none at all.

I think Olbermann would waterboard him 183 times in about 12 hours....see what Hannity thought of it after that.

I love listening to O'Donnell, he gets so fired up...kinda like I do. I can be a hot-head, at least that's what my wife says.

Grandpa Eddie said...

I think you and Keith are really on to something there A world Quite Mad.

There are a lot of charities that could end up with a large sum of money.

ZIRGAR said...

I'm tellin' ya he doesn't have the stones to do it. He'll just dismiss the whole thing like it's beneath him. However, if for soem reason he does do it he'll try to use some kind of medication to make him not care about or really feel what he's going through and that will cloud his reaction. He'll find some kind of way to either weasle out of it or control as much of it as he can so he won't have to deal with the real thing unaltered.

At least when Christopher Hitchens did the waterboarding thing it was as a fact finding mission, not as some triviality, which is why while I disagree with Mr. Hitchens, I respect him overall; he's genuinely trying to find answers, not just blow hot air like Hannity.

Grandpa Eddie said...

ZIRGAR - I'm sure he won't go through with it. he was just blowing smoke, trying to make himself look like a tough guy who cares about the troops and their families....which we all know he could give a shit about any of them. But it would be nice to strap the SOB down and make him cry like a baby.

I'll say one thing for Hitchens, he's got a lot more balls than I do.