Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I know just about everybody with a blog, both conservatard and liberal including yours truly, has posted at least once about the artificial budget proposal from the Party of We Don't Have a Fucking Clue, but once I saw this at Alter Net this morning I just had to post again.

You see, this one mentions a Representative from my state, Wisconsin. The Rep's name is Paul Ryan. He is a Rethuglican. Now, before all of you start asking, no I didn't vote for this idiot. I can proudly say I have never voted for a Rethuglican, and never will. Hell, I'll go so far as to write in names on the county ballots because it's rare when there is someone other than a Rethug running for county office. I live in a very solid Rethuglican county.

But I digress and must get on with the show, so here it is.

From Alter Net:

The GOP's Alternative Budget Disaster

There were, we were told, two main reasons for Republican lawmakers to present an alternative budget. In the face of near-constant criticism from the White House and Democratic leaders on the Hill, the GOP's first goal was to prove that it had serious, credible ideas of its own. Republicans then said they wanted to demonstrate that the government could re-embrace fiscal responsibility, pursuing goals while reducing the deficit.

So far, the minority party is failing badly in both categories.

The first point quickly fell apart when Republicans unveiled a budget with no numbers in it. The second point isn't looking any better.

Last week, the House GOP presented its alternative budget proposal. Members of the media, including conservative commentators, widely panned the document for being scant on details and appearing more as "campaign-style talking points." Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), ranking member of the House Budget Committee, has said he will release yet another budget proposal, but this time with more specifics.

Though Ryan has been most critical of the deficit impact of Obama's budget, he has been unable to assess the deficit impact of his own budget. After being repeatedly asked this weekend by Bloomberg's Al Hunt about "how large" the deficit would be under the Republican plan, Ryan finally respond, "A lot."

This is only marginally better than Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), who stammered and stumbled last week when pressed on how big the deficit would be under the Republican plan.

Remember, according to Republican lawmakers, the principal criticism of the Obama administration's budget is that it runs large deficits in the short term. In response, the GOP proposes a massive tax cut for everyone earning more than $100,000, a deficit that would be "a lot," and has not (or cannot) offer any details on the proposal itself.

At the same time, we have one leading Republican senator saying the party is "working very hard" to produce a budget "with numbers" in it, while another leading Republican senator says the caucus won't bother to produce a document at all.

Can't anybody here play this game?

The GOP really didn't think this one through.

(Special thanks to Steve Benen at Washington Monthly.)


Nancy said...

Oh fer god sakes! The party of NO! is "working very hard" to produce some numbers but won't produce a document? I knew they were really stupid, but I know they're really, really, really stupid. BTW, Eddie, I registered to vote when I was 21 as a Democrat and have never in my life voted for an R. I never found any reason to.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Nancy - Until recently we didn't have to register to vote til election day at the polls, it was a lot easier in the small towns and rural areas than it was in the cities. Now we have to pre-register for the Presidential election, and then any time we move.

The first time I voted was in 1972 at the tender age of 19, no elections when I was 18. Voted Democrat then and Democrat or Independent since. Even with the questionable job Jimmy Carter had done, I still voted for him in 1980. Didn't trust Reagan then, and damn if I wasn't right.

Nancy said...

Eddie - After Reagan completed his term as governor of Califoria, I was 100% sure he would lose the presidential election. It was clear to me he was incompetent. Then when another incompetent ran for president with an experienced, intelligent as his opponent (Gore), I was sure again there was just no way people would vote for someone so clearly mentally absent. Wrong again. But no matter. My judgement was correct. Republicans are just plain wrong for this country!

How are you and yours doing today, my friend? :)

Jacob said...

This again is symptomatic of a Party that tries to live by some eerie, ethereal "principles" that have no relationship to reality.

For example, the GOP (Goddamn Over-the-top Pricks) likes Capitalism. They are unable to discern that Capitalism comes in various forms and disguises and sometimes is a complete failure - like now.

Some GOPers are still fighting Communism, or Socialism (they don't seem to understand the difference) and anything or anyone they can put in those two categories becomes fair game because those things are against GOP "principles."

Thus, Congressional members of the GOP are unable to function in the 21st century because their "principles" have failed and they have nothing else to offer. The bluster and whine and cry, but keep coming up with the same old crap; like budgets with no particulars or huge deficits that they can't comprehend and provide nothing but tax cuts for the wealthiest of Americans.

The GOP simple doesn't function as a viable institution anymore. If it ever did. I think if you read the history of the United States you will find that the Republican Party has fought (with maybe one or two rare exceptions) every single progressive or constructive piece of legislation that hit the table.

If they GOPers had their way, there would be no Social Security, no Medicare, no unemployment insurance, no minimum wage, no unions, no government regulation of any business, no government regulation of foods or drugs.

Plus, we'd all be singing a hymn to Yahweh or Jesus as soon as we arose in the morning.

You would think they'd have seen the writing on the wall by now, but I don't think they have quite grasped the fact that they lost the election and the majority of Americans would just as soon they got on the Bridge to Nowhere!

Gordon said...

We have a lot of homeless people in California today because Reagan closed a buncha mental hospitals. He cut a lot of college funding because of Vietnam War protests. Then, as president, he spent us into the poorhouse and claimed credit for the fall of the Soviet Union which would have gone down anyway. Then there was Iran-Contra, which is nearly Bush-level as crimes go. He's a big hero to 'tards but I hate the son of a bitch.

I had a friend who was a dancer, and she did a terrific number on Reagan's star on Hollywood Blvd. one night and drew applause from quite a crowd.

I voted for exactly one Republican in my life. I'm still ashamed of myself, so let's just say he left office in disgrace in '74. Never again.

Repuglican'ts are all wrong for America unless you're rich or stupid and that makes the 'base' wrong for voting against their own interests on the basis of phony 'moral values' which Repug pols don't follow but use to get votes. Hypocrites and thieves, the lot of 'em.

Don't get me started...

Grandpa Eddie said...

Nancy - Things are good here, well as good as it can be, I guess. It's been raining all day, this after 3 inches of fresh snow on top of an inch of ice Saturday night. But at least the weather is heading in the right direction, I think.

Nancy said...

Totally, completely and utterly agree with both Jacob and Gordon. The mental health system is almost non-existent. Has been ever since Reagan callously closed all the hospitals that housed those with mental illness. The end result is people who should be institutionalized are now living in the river bottoms in this area.

Okay, I won't get you started, Gordon!

Nancy said...

Eddie - I don't want to rub it in, buuut, 71 degrees, sunny against azure blue sky, spring flowers abloomin', lawns are being mowed and the windchimes are tinkling in an ever-so-slight breeze. Time for a walk in the neighborhood.

No gale force winds or earthquakes today.

This is Nancy, reporting weather from Yuba City, CA! Back to you, Eddie...:)

Grandpa Eddie said...

Jacob - You're right, the Rethuglicans have never had anything to offer the country except their failed idea of capitalism.

They are pro-business and anti-labor. They are not concerned about the majority of the public in any way.

It was that failed idea of capitalism that was the cause of the '29 crash followed by the Great Depression. It was also the cause of the depression in the 1890's.

They're a useless party of nothingness that needs to go away. They have nothing to offer to help the American people now and never will.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Thanks Nancy!

It would be nice if you wouldn't rub it in though, ;)

Grandpa Eddie said...

Gordon - Yeh, that fucktard Reagan totally fucked-up California and then fucked-up America.

Rethuglicans are wrong for America, period! They're there for the rich' cause that's where they get the money for their campaigns. They couldn't care less about the stupid people, they just use 'em for political gain and then shit on 'em. But the idiots can't see that.

Nancy said...

Sorry Eddie. 20 lashes for Nancy. Your weather is good hot toddy weather which sounds really nice to me! How's that.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Nancy - If you're ready, I'm fixin'. ;)

Gordon said...

The 'don't rub it in but...' weather report from Beautiful Downtown Truckee: 54°, light overcast, snow an' ice drippin' off the eaves, weather is definitely headin' in the right direction.

Up there in The Great White North, I recommend makin' two extra hot toddies. Put yer feet in 'em. :)

Grandpa Eddie said...

It ain't that fuckin' cold here Gordon....yet.

Nancy said...

Okay. You're fixin'. I'm holding my cup out waitin'. Easy on the whiskey. I'm somewhat of a lightweight. ;)

Grandpa Eddie said...

Oh, alright! Ya know...yer takin' all the fun outta it. ;)

Nancy said...

Okay. You talked me into it. BRING IT ON Grandpa!!!! :):):)

Gordon said...

Careful, Ed! Nancy sounds like a 'three beer' gal - drinks one, spills one, gives one away. Go easy.;)

Nancy said...

No, no, Gordon. Nancy drinks TWO, spills one, gives one away and there better be a designated driver. Lightweight with alcohol, heavyweight in politics.

Gordon said...

designated driver

That's me. Haven't had a drink in 6 1/2 years, ever since I figured out I built about half the new courthouse with my fines.

Grandpa Eddie said...

That's me now, too, Gordon.

I'm the DD. In the last 3 years I've had 2 glasses of wine, both 2 different years at Xmas. Copped a little buzz both times.

Sorry, Nancy, I can make 'em for ya but I can't drink 'em. Liver is still healin'. Had to quit for two reasons 1)Doc told me I had to 'cause of the meds I take for my RA , and 2)my liver was gonna kill me after all those years of drinkin' Tequila straight up. There's a reason they call it Ta-kill-ya.

Grandpa Eddie said...

But I'll make 'em for ya anytime, Nancy.....ya little lightweight.

Gordon said...

My liver was about the consistency of a bowling ball. It's better now, and all kinds of things quit bothering me when I quit drinking. Mostly the cops. Heh.