Monday, March 02, 2009


Still waiting to be called back to work. I've been laid off since the third of February. I know that that isn't a real long time, and I know there are many people out there who have been out of work much longer than I have, but it seems like an eternity to me. We usually get really slow at work after Christmas and the last few years I would be laid off for a week, and then Fridays for several weeks in a row. This year is different. Nobody is buying anything.

There are no signs of being called back anytime soon either, and money is starting to get real tight. I'm glad that I had some vacation time coming. I had to use the two weeks I was due this year just so the Mrs and I could make it til warmer weather gets here so we don't have to use the heat so much.

I'm gonna have to start looking for work. Not easy to do when there just aren't any jobs to be had. My age doesn't make it easy either. So much for age discrimination being illegal.

I know this isn't exactly the same as the original post I had up, which somehow got lost, but it's fairly close.


One Fly said...

This doesn't sound good. A white single 50's male faces numerous obstacles in the work place and discrimination is a big one when it comes to getting a job.

Good luck Gramps!

By the way I got you by three come Wednesday.

David Aquarius said...

Here's hoping you get the phone call soon, Ed.

My dad used to log years ago. He would go through a lay-off every spring when the snow thawed. Used to drive him nuts.

My work is restructuring their business. Lots of wonky bull coming down from the corporate knucklebutts driving the company. Seems these worthless empty suits need to validate their employment. As it is, hours are being cut back, overtime is verboten but productivity is expected to go up. Reality isn't in the corporate model these days.

Man, I have lots of hope for this administration but recovery can't come soon enough.

Grandpa Eddie said...

One Fly,
Thanks for the 'good luck' wish. I think I'm gonna need it.
Gonna be 59, eh?

I can understand why your Dad was goin' nuts during his lay-offs.

Reality in the corporate world disappeared a few years eight.

HermitJim said...

Best thing for me is to just move to the country...soon. I can't take watching the members of my family loose their jobs, yet hold on to the illusion that all will be fixed soon.

Thank god I'm retired and out of the rat to get out of the city!

Grandpa Eddie said...

I wish I could retire, Jim.
Then I wouldn't have to look for work, and I wouldn't have to worry about health insurance.
But, I need a job 'cause I'm not old enough to retire. And I need that job so I can have insurance so I can afford my meds and DR appointments.