Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I always figured Glenn Beck was a fascist. He ranks right up there with Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Benito Mussolini. Now he proves himself to be an idiot as well...as far as I'm concerned anyway. The National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez isn't any better, or Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, or Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, and I wouldn't want to forget Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J. But I want to talk about Beck right now.

Found this at Salon this morning.

The right responds to Obama's stem cell decision

President Obama's decision to lift his predecessor's ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research wasn't about Americans' health or about science -- it was about eugenics. Just ask Glenn Beck.

"Here you have Barack Obama going in and spending the money now on embryonic stem cell research, and then some, fundamentally changing -- remember, those great progressive doctors are the ones who brought us Eugenics. It was the progressive movement and it was science," Beck said on his radio show Monday, ThinkProgress notes. He then went on to invoke the Holocaust, saying, "In case you don’t know what Eugenics led us to: the Final Solution."

Follow the link from Think Progress above to find the rest of what this ass had to say. They've got an audio from his radio show.

Glenn Beck is comparing doctors doing stem cell research in this country to the Nazis. He thinks that frozen, unwanted embryos are more important than those in the world suffering from spinal injuries, diabetes, blood disorders, and countless other medical ailments.

Sure, you ass, protect the 'unborn' and to hell with everybody else. Besides, you moron, if the embryos are frozen and unwanted are you really protecting the unborn.

I bet he wouldn't be so quick to spew his 'opinion' if a child of his had one of the previously mentioned ailments and could be cured by the findings of stem cell research. I know that if one of my children or grandchildren could be helped by this research, I would want them to receive that help. I'm just as sure that there are many parents and grandparents who would stand with me on this, too.


Terry said...

I don't think Beck and the rest believe in anything of substance except for money and how to make it by fair means or foul. Beats having a day job (or being unemployed like so many of us).

Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeah, you're probably right, Terry.

One Fly said...

The idea this slug and many more like him are given this medium without a response is why we're in the shit we are now. I swear it's the media. It's not going to change. We're screwed.

Grandpa Eddie said...

One Fly,
I don't think people 'listen' to Beck like he thinks they do.
He's another bombastic asshole who spews hate-speak, not unlike Limpballs.

Nancy said...

Hi Grandpa Eddie! Glen Beck is a former Top 40 DJ who is a little more informed than an old door knob. Actually, he comes from a pretty sad background with his mother and a sibling both committing suicide. He's also an alcoholic who couldn't get a job doing anything other than talking. When he was looking for a talk radio career, the only formats were (still are) conservative, so he decided to make his living and money coming from the right. I'd bet my bottom dollar, if radio talk shows were all left-wing, he'd be a left-wing talker instead of right-wing. Just my humble theory!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Nancy, Thanks for that little tit-bit of info about Glenn Beck.

Hey, and thanks for the visit. Havin' a lady stop by kinda brightens the place up a bit.

Nancy said...

Well thank you Grandpa! The pleasure was all mine. I'm sure you meant to say TID BIT and not TIT BIT! LOL. Freudian slip possibly? I'm so happy to know there are other folks 'out there' who feel the same way I do about the "List." You have an awesome blog here where it appears uncommonly intelligent men gather! :)

Nancy said...

Grandpa Eddie, go to Crooks and Liars. John Amato posted a video this morning of Neil Cavuto and Glen Beck that illustrates how truly whacked Glen Beck is. Mr. Cavuto told Glen that he is scaring him. Glen makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Just amazing that people pay any attention to him at all.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Thanks Nancy, I'm gonna go do that right now.

Reverend Manny said...

I saw this mouthful of dumbness from Beck too... jeebers, man.. we're now a full ten years (At least) behind the rest of world in this field of research...

seeing as how we're running out of economy, maybe now would be a good time for America to reflect... what is it we really make here anymore? Our Biotech industry is one of the few in America that's truly world class.

May bush have shoes thrown at him forever for how far back he set back this country and world...

one love,
--reverend manny and the twilight empire

Grandpa Eddie said...

Reverend Manny,
Our Bio-tech industry is world class.
Now we just have to use it the way it should be used.

I don't think there are enough shoes in the entire world to have as much fun throwing them at the Shrub as we would like.
It is such a wonderful thought though.

willis said...

This idiot is a journalist just like Joe the Plumber and Jeff Gannon. I can't figure why he has a podium....then again Hannity and others do. Think Nancy has it right, he'd be left if that was the only venue to profit from!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeh, Willis, I think Nancy's right, too....but I don't want that prick NEAR anything that's even considered 'left'.

SheaNC said...

"Glenn Beck is an idiot" - I think some idiots might take offense at having him included in their ranks :)

I think Nancy's point can probably be applied to a lot of media commentators. Like radio disc jockeys who go from hosting classical music on PBS to country western on another station. I'll bet if rightwing hatespeech wasn't the hot ticket on talk radio and Fox, they would be doing whatever they could for whoever would hire them.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeh, I 'spose your right, Shea, and I should apologize to all the generic idiots.

I agree with your point on Nancy's comment, they're just a bunch of 'whores' anyway.