Tuesday, March 03, 2009


There's a post up over at Shamanaqua that you should check.

David hits the GOP right in the balls. Here's a little taste of what he's got up.

Flush the Rush

For eight years, they were the king makers, the power elite. These people tortured, stole, trampled the Constitution and made war against any who opposed them. They went out of their way to prove just how rugged and tough they were by clearing brush, watching NASCAR, going to county fairs, and wearing padded flight suits.

Our Republican lawmakers talk a good game but have spines made of Jell-O. They're pissing all over themselves to keep from crossing that fat bastard, Rush Limpballs.

And good ol' Michael Steele.......criticized Limpballs, called his show ugly and got hammered. He was so quick in retracting his statement, his little pee-pee must've got whiplash.

It's a good read, go check it out.

Special thanks to
David Aquarius for the post.

Thanks David.


HermitJim said...

Good post, Eddie! I ebjoyed it...

willis said...

I love to watch/read a good smack down and that was real good one!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Jim an' Willis,

I'm glad you both liked that.

I hope ya both went and read the whole post David put up.