Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This is really fucked up! Pope Rat-Nazi the First says Catholics on the African Continent can't use condoms 'cause they don't prevent HIV/AIDS, they spread it! Has he no brains at all!?

And people wonder why I have so much against organized religion!

From Alter Net:

The Pope: Condoms Make AIDS Worse

Yet another shining testament to the relevance of organized religion in modern life....

.....en route to Africa (the place with the highest rate of HIV transmission in the world) the Pope (the guy who only recently caught flak for lifting the excommunication of a Holocaust denier) said the following:

"You can't resolve [AIDS] with the distribution of condoms ... On the contrary, it increases the problem."


I get that the Catholic Church wants people to breed (or abstain) and that condoms stand in the way of that. It’s not surprising that Church leaders wouldn’t be the most vocal proponents of condom use and distribution (though they should be). But seriously? To produce such a qoutable, memorable sound-bite on the issue? In a place where gender inequities and social stigma and a lack of resources already stack the deck against condom use, and put people at the highest risk of HIV transmission in the world????

The AP notes that many nuns and priests who actually work with people living with AIDS “question the church’s opposition to condoms amid the pandemic ravaging Africa.”

But, those guys actually spend time with people who have the disease, instead of traipsing around the world doing photo ops and saying insane things. What do they know?

This church 'leader' is supposed to be concerned about his 'flock'? Sure the fuck doesn't look like it to me.

I wonder....what would Jesus do?

(Hat Tip to Tana Ganeva)


Anonymous said...

What is with having a leader of the church. One would think that having Jesus would be enough. Think about all the money and riches that the surrounds the pope and the Vatican. What would Jesus do if he saw the Vatican with all its riches?

Cats r Flyfishn said...

Apologies... I wrote the previous comment and didn't get to finish filling in the blanks.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Yes, Cats r Flyfishn, I wonder what Jesus would do if he saw the Vatican today, too.
Would he do the same as he did in the Temple?

sue said...

Jesus would be appalled at the riches of the Vatican, he IS appalled at what goes on in the catholic church, all their high faluten gowns and jewels, and ceremonies, it's pure evil.

Cats r Flyfishn said...

Grandpa Eddie... you can call me Cats.
Nice blog.

Reverend Manny said...

Great Post Gramps,

Saw that on alternet too.. my god, man... how much more out of touch could these religious leaders be...

I'm not even touching the blatant logical disonance of a religious leader who has to issue commands (this is one of nietzsche's favorite points--why does god need generations of decorated mouthpieces to beg for him, when he is all-powerful?)

At my core, I'm really really disturbed by how LITTLE responsibility and accountability religious leaders take on for themselves these days. War. murder, torture, rape, genocide, disease, suffering and poverty have all been supported by the major religions numerous times in merely THE LAST DECADE!

This is edification?

Surely, if god exists--she would have us be atheists.

One Love, One Struggle,
--Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

Grandpa Eddie said...

I hear ya, Reverend Manny.

There is no responsibility or accountability from any religious leaders anywhere, no matter what faith it is.

Nancy said...

...and let us not forget about the hundreds of priests who violated and molested children under the name of Jesus and the Vatican did NOTHING but try to cover it all up. I agree with you Grandpa Eddie. There is no accountability from any religious leaders anywhere no matter what faith it is. I don't believe there ever was.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Nancy, one of those who enabled some of those pedophiles was just appointed to be the Arch Bishop of New York who previously was the Bishop of the Milwaukee, WI archdiocese.
A wonderful, jovial man who help ship perverts all over the country.

Nancy said...

OMG! Does it ever end?

Grandpa Eddie said...

Nancy we can only hope that someday it will end.

I am glad that none of my children or grandchildren are Catholic, although my youngest is evangelical christian and raising her children that way....which I do not agree with.

Nancy said...

That's a tough one, Grandpa. Even though we don't agree with evangelicals (and others for that matter), we have to accept the choices our adult children make. It's sad to see them sucked in, but we can only hope for the best. Fortunately, my kids are independent thinkers and don't allow others to do their thinking for them...except me. Just kidding! :)

Grandpa Eddie said...

"....don't allow others to do their thinking for them...except me."

That is a mom's prerogative, my dear.

Nancy said...

Ha! Thank you. I knew YOU would understand.