Thursday, March 12, 2009


The Newt's new way to prevent teen pregnancies....PAY THEM TO NOT GET PREGNANT!

From Raw Story:

Gingrich: Pay teenagers not to get pregnant

The man who dubbed Vice President Joe Biden a socialist last September for arguing that paying taxes is "patriotic" appears to have some government redistribution ideas of his own.

Newt Gingrich, often cited as a Republican prospect for president in 2012, says the state should consider paying teenager girls not to get pregnant.

He also says that states should consider paying teenage girls who become pregnant to take prenatal vitamins to forestall paying additional health expenses for neonatal care down the road.

Along with his remarks about pregnant teenagers, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives also said Wednesday that state legislators should consider paying poor children to read and individuals not to smoke.

......other ideas include paying teens who don't get pregnant and stay in school; requiring exercise for school children; giving tax breaks to grocery stores that open in the inner city; giving bonuses to food stamp recipients who buy fruits and vegetables; and making students walk to school......when living close to said school.

Boy does that sound allot like socialism.

Heh, socialism from a Rethuglican who has been ranting about the Democrats being socialists.
Oh...wait...if it's coming from a Rethuglican it's not socialism is it.
My ass it ain't!


One Fly said...

That's going to cost mucho big bucks. I'm sick of this slug. Talk of him running for president is another diversion from the real issues and why the media are a bunch of fucking whores for giving this asshole a continual mouthpiece.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeh, and with what the 'chairman' said to GQ the party is gonna be in a real tizzy.