Monday, March 23, 2009


These idiots just don't get it! Here we go again, more TARP money, which is actually taxpayer dollars, being spent on luxury aircraft for the overpaid executives instead of being loaned out to stimulate the economy.

From ABC News via Buzz Flash:

JPMorgan Chase To Spend Millions on New Jets and Luxury Airport Hangar

Outraged Critics Decry the Proposal, Call For Bank To Abandon Plans

Embattled bank JPMorgan Chase, the recipient of $25 billion in TARP funds, is going ahead with a $138 million plan to buy two new luxury corporate jets and build "the premiere corporate aircraft hangar on the eastern seaboard" to house them, ABC News has learned.

The financial giant's upgrade includes nearly $120 million for two Gulfstream 650 planes and $18 million for a lavish renovation of a hangar at the Westchester Airport outside New York City.

A public hearing will be held by Westchester County officials tonight regarding JPMorgan's request for new hangar space.


The Gulfstream 650's are described by the manufacturer as the "fastest," "widest" and "most comfortable" private jet ever with superior cabin amenities, an optional stateroom, and 12 interior designs to choose from.

"It's a remarkably boneheaded decision," said corporate watchdog Nell Minow, the editor and founder of The Corporate Library, a group that provides independent corporate governance research and analysis. "It's completely tone deaf."

Yeh, they're tone deaf, to say the least. They're also stupid, arrogant, and full of themselves! These bastards don't care about you and I, or the country and the economy! They only care about themselves, they're comfort, and how much money they can rip-off the taxpayers for!

It's time to stop feeding these assholes and take back ALL the money Congress and the fucking Chimp gave them!


HermitJim said...

They don't even try and hide the abuse anymore...since Uncle Sugar is footing the bill with OUR money and giving them a license to steal some more!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Jim - It's been going on waaay too long, and it needs to stop now!

Mad Kane said...

I'm not as mad at Chase as at many of the others. My understanding is that Chase didn't really need or even want the TARP money and was pressured into accepting it by the Feds to take the stigma off recipients who really needed the funds.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Mad Kane - That is true, but they still received taxpayer dollars and should have thought about the repercussions of their actions of such spending.