Friday, March 20, 2009


The Chimp's lawyer, the fascist John Yoo, is now blaming his ruined reputation on leftists and hippies. Like it's our fault he was an idiot when he told Bush he could ignore the Constitution!

From Truthout via Alter Net:

Torture Memo Author John Yoo Blames Ruined Reputation on "Hippies, Protesters and Left-wing Activists"

John Yoo doesn't have any regrets about the controversial legal opinions he wrote for the White House -- many of which were later withdrawn and repudiated -- that gave former President George W. Bush unfettered and unchecked power in the aftermath of 9/11.

In a little known interview with the Orange County Register, published March 3, Yoo said he doesn't "think he would have made the basic decisions differently."

No regrets, but you would have done things differently. Is that right?!

"These memos I wrote were not for public consumption," Yoo told the OC Register. figured no one else would see them?

"......You really have decisions to make, which you could spend years on. Sometimes what we forget as private citizens, or scholars, or students or journalists for sure (he laughs), is that in hindsight, it's easier to say, 'Here's what I would have done.' But when you're in the government, at the time you make the decision, you don't have that kind of luxury."

In other words, you don't have the luxury of following what the Constitution says.

Yoo is the author of one of the most infamous legal memos to ever come out of the DOJ: an August 2002 legal opinion widely referred to as the "torture memo," which gave the Bush administration the legal justification to subject terrorist detainees to harsh interrogations, such as the drowning technique known as waterboarding, in violation of the Geneva Conventions and international and domestic laws against torture.

Yoo..... asserted that the president had unlimited powers to prosecute the "war on terror" on American soil and could ignore constitutional rights, including First Amendment freedoms of speech and the press and Fourth Amendment requirements for search warrants.

In perhaps the most controversial of the memos, dated October 23, 2001, and entitled "Authority for Use of Military Force to Combat Terrorist Activities Within the United States," Yoo said Bush's war powers allowed him to put restrictions on freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

"First Amendment speech and press rights may also be subordinated to the overriding need to wage war successfully," Yoo wrote. "The current campaign against terrorism may require even broader exercises of federal power domestically.

This, you idiot, is what ruined your reputation! It wasn't the hippies, or protesters, or Left-wing activists, it was your own stupid fascist arrogance that caused your reputation to be ruined. You ass, you arrogant fucking ass, the Founding Fathers wouldn't have stood for this kind of crap out of you. I had uncles who fought in WWII to prevent assholes like you from destroying this great country, and you told that idiot Bush that he could take away our rights! Fuck you! You shouldn't even have a license to practice law, and you damn sure shouldn't be teaching it.

(Hat tip to Jason Leopold for the article.)


jeg43 said...

Damn good post!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Thanks jeg43, but I couldn't have done it without Truthout, Alternet, and the good ol' internet.

One Fly said...

You're being to damn nice to this prick gramps.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Sorry, One Fly, it's Friday and I'm in an exceptionally good mood.

Not to worry, I'm sure the narly old fucker will be back before Monday.

Nancy said...

Mr. Yoo should be in a cell right next to Bernie Madoff on one side and rapists disguised as hippies on the other.

Grandpa Eddie said...

That's an excellent idea, Nancy.
If we can get Yoo......rolled in with all the other war crimes suspects.....that might be able to be done......hmmmmmm.

Nancy said...

Maybe an Abu Garab-like "pyramid" might help things along a bit. Let's see who should be on the bottom holding everyone up....?

Grandpa Eddie said...

Hell...I think they should take turns...that, Nancy, would make it much more interesting.

Nancy said...

Oh! You have a wonderful imagination. I like it. But who should go first?

Grandpa Eddie said...

I guess that would depend on who all we have in there.

Bustednuckles said...

Fuck that asshole.

Bustednuckles said...

Fuck that asshole.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeh, Busted, with a red hot poker!