Monday, April 06, 2009


Newt Gingrich is at it again. He doesn't seem to realize that the Rethuglicans lost the last election, and that Chimpy and Darth Cheney aren't in charge anymore. The good ol' Newtster still wants to use a form of force to make another country do what he wants them to.

Sunday Gingrich, while on Fuks Newz Sunday, said that "the United States should have preemptively attacked the nuclear-armed country – with an electromagnetic pulse."
First, there is no definite proof that North Korea has nuclear weapons. Most experts agree that they do not have them, yet. This is another example of the Bush/Cheney response to anything they didn't like...shoot first and ask questions later...maybe. Just like Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction that were never there.

From Raw Story:

Gingrich: Attack North Korea with 'electromagnetic pulse'

Only hours after North Korea launched a rocket, Newt Gingrich was on television saying the United States should have preemptively attacked the nuclear-armed country – with an electromagnetic pulse.

"We do not appreciate the scale of threat that is evolving on the planet," the former House Speaker said on Fox News Sunday. "And North Korea is a totally irresponsible dictatorship run by a person who is clearly out of touch with reality."

The North Korean government says it launched an experimental communications satellite that is now orbiting in space; U.S. officials claim it was a missile that quickly fell into the Pacific ocean.

President Barack Obama, in Prague on his first tour of Europe, blasted the rocket launch as "provocative," saying it violated a U.N. resolution, and pledged to take action at a U.N. Security Council meeting. Obama had joined other world leaders in urging the hard-line communist state to drop plans to test a missile.

But to Gingrich, who said on Fox that all United Nations dealings with both North Korea and Iran have been ineffective, talk is cheap. "One morning, just like 9/11, there's gonna be a disaster," the former Georgia congressman said. "And people are going to look around and say 'Gosh, why didn't anyone think of that?' Well I'm telling you, the time to think about it is before the disaster, and not after."

Pressed by Fox host Chris Wallace, Gingrich mentioned a few preemptive possibilities for stopping North Korean: "There are three or four techniques that could have been used, from unconventional forces to standoff capabilities... I'd recommend look[ing] at electromagnetic pulse...which changes every equation about how risky these weapons are."

An electromagnetic pulse is a short, high-intensity burst of electromagnetic energy which can damage electronic and electrical equipment.

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R) agreed with Gingrich's preemptive policy, saying that "in the countryside of South Carolina, at some point you've got to back up words with action."

Obama, who on Sunday called for a nuclear-free world, said North Korea should be punished and that "rules must be binding, violations must be punished, words must mean something."

Congressman Howard Berman, who heads the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said that the U.N. Security Council should take further action. Berman called on China and Russia – which have diplomatic ties with Pyongyang – to join ranks with the United States and its allies Japan and South Korea in condemning the test.

There is a video that goes along with this at the link above.


enigma4ever said...

Hey there..
thanks for visiting at Depression 2009 and commenting, I do also blog daily at Watergate Summer,
it took me a while to figure out your blog- do you mind if I add to New Blog Blogroll at Watergate Summer ?

Gordon said...

I think we should drop ol' Neut head-first onto Pyongyang. I bet his tinfoil hat would penetrate deep.

Grandpa Eddie said...

enigma4ever - Be my guest.
I'd appreciate that very much.

I've got Depression 2009 linked here, and I'll link Watergate Summer, too.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Gordon - I think his thick head would be enough by itself.

One Fly said...

Always have to remember it's the whore librul media that gives these slugs the venue for spewing their shit on a daily basis.

Grandpa Eddie said...

One Fly - At least the ones that pretend to be librul.

Cats r Flyfishn said...

Really? According to Republicans, there are only two ways to solve every problem. It's either more tax breaks for the rich or invade/attack a sovereign nation. Gingrich and his gang are incapable of complex thinking.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Cats r Flyfishin - I think they all are incapable of any kind of reasonable thinking.

enigma4ever said...

what??? you mean "Shock and Awe " did not test their cerebral skills ?....Newt is scary- he teaches - I worry about the young people he is teaching- do they believe this crap that he spews ?

So what's it going to be a showdown between Newt and Rush ???? there is a brain is ignorance a part of their DNA ?....

Grandpa Eddie said...

enigma4ever - To answer your questions...

1) No.
2) Hopefully not.
3) Yes, with any luck. (That will be fun to watch.)
4) YES, definitely!

enigma4ever said...

LOL...I loved that you answered my questions- see Liberals still know how to think

btw I made you Blog of the day over at watergate summer....


Grandpa Eddie said...

Well thank you kid. I am honored.

SheaNC said...

Well deserved kudos, there. As for Newt Gingrich... He's their big ideas man... for the nineties, that is.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Shea - They keep rehashing the same old failed ideas, I guess they figured they'd roll out the same old failed politicians, too.