Sunday, February 05, 2006


Can Bush do this? Can he order the killing of a person, or persons, on U.S. soil?

From Buzz Flash:

We Warned that the Bushevik Politburo Broke the Wiretapping Law Just to See If They Could Get Away with It, Because They Have Bigger Illegal Acts Planned, Like Murder. From Newsweek, "Can the Bush Order a Killing on U.S. Soil?"

Let's just say Bush does order the killing, or assassination, of an al Qaeda suspect...or someone he thinks is an al Qaeda suspect or supporter. What would prevent him from ordering the assassination of a political opponent, or a liberal blogger he feels is a threat to "national security" or a threat to his political asperations.

UPDATE: Here's a little something extra that goes along with this via Buzz Flash:

Busheviks Put U.S. Back in the Assassination Business 2/2

Something that was outlawed years ago by Congress. Once again, Bush ignores the law of the land!

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