Friday, February 24, 2006


According to Bush....the "I didn't know" stooge....we're not supposed to worry about security. Sorry fool, I am concerned about port security, national security, any security for that matter as long as you, or any of your neocon cohorts are in office. My concern has greatly increased with the realization that you and your fascist friends want to open the front door and invite the terrorists in.

I found something very interesting via Tina, Fuzzy And Blue, at DelilahBoyd's Blog this morning. The following is from a Coast Guard veteran...and he should know.

The Dubai Ports World Deal - Through a Coast Guard Veteran's Eyes

The "Port Service Company" receives, manifests, loads, offloads, and transfers the containers. Normally, this is monitored for drugs -- but there are "holes." The "Port Service Company" has the "expertise" (in a "perverse kind of way") to know where the holes are.

Second, the "Port Service Company" frequently prepares the manifest. This is the legal document enumerating what the ship is carrying, shipper, recipient, port on loaded, port to be off loaded. This guides (or misguides) the inspection.

Third, frequently the "Port Service Company" performs "ship chandlering" - that's the sale of consumables and low level spare parts. This is not inventoried or manifested.

Fourth, merchant mariners' documents. It is fairly easy to enter a country on "Merchant Mariner's Documents" (functions like a mini-passport). No visa requirements if you stay within some distance of the port. This is popular with drug dealers - and could be a route for terrorists. In many countries a "Port Service Company" can issue "documents" (note - these are not Master, Mate, Pilot, Engineer, Radio Officer licenses or "Competency Documents") which are good enough to get you off of the ship while it's in port.

Let's see now....hmmmm....they can walk right thru the front door with an easy to aquire "pass" with explosives that are listed as something else, walk a few blocks and blow something up. With the size of the ports, and all the different things one can find in a port, that could be just about anything....including a school or day care center in the city.

Bush and the neocons are creating an "open door policy" with an al Qaeda supporter to let the terrorists in. Think about it folks. In order for PNAC and the neocons in control to stay in control, they are going to have to keep us afraid of an attack. And what better way to keep us afraid then to help them get in and start hitting our homeland....and when it happens the neocons will "spin" their way out of it.

Hat-tip to Tina for the heads-up, and a big THANK YOU to Delilah.

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