Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Sooo...Monday nite Bush didn't know anything about the deal with the six International Ports on the east coast.

From Tina at Fuzzy And Blue:

Bush Claims:UAE Port Deal- I knew zero

On Lou Dobbs Monday night, I was told that Bush said that when it came to the United Arab Emerites winning control over 6 major US ports, surprise! surprise!... Bush supposedly knew nothing about it. While I believe he would need the the Jaws of Life to remove his head from his ass, it is hard to buy that Bush statement given that 12 top level officials signed off on this deal, including: Treasury Sec Snow, Sec of Defense Rumsfeld, Sec of State Rice, Sec of Homeland Security Chertoff, Att Gen Gonzalez, & Assis to the Pres for Natl Security Affairs Hadley. Wanna try another lie Dubya?

...and today he warns Congress that if they pass a bill to block this deal, he will veto it.

From Yahoo! News

Bush: Arab Co. Port Deal Should Proceed

Sounds like the perfect way for PNAC and the neocons to get another Pearl Harbor-9/11 effect.

Thanks Tina.


Looks like Bush and this Arab Co. are pretty friendly.

Gordon at Alternate Brain has this up. Go read.

Dubai company set to run US ports has ties to administration

Update No. 2

Our troops are gonna get screwed.

From Shea at Constantly Amazed:


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Tina said...

Grandpa Eddie: Imagine all that will ya? Ties to the administration? I swear, on top of this, if we were to find out that Bush himself has been hiding Osama in the basement of his Crawford Ranch I wouldn't be surprised.

SheaNC said...

Here's more, unfortunately: http://thinkprogress.org/2006/02/20/uae-military-equipment

The Bush administration won't just stab you in the back, they'll hold the blade over an open flame for a while first.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Here's the kicker....the bin Laden family and Bush Sr have been friends for years.

Of course that's all been downplayed since 9/11.

Holy shit! I just went and read that link you left. Talk about gettin' screwed every-which-way.

I'm gonna link that in the post.
Thanks, pal.

karena said...


I think he has also been hiding Bandar in the basement at the Crawford ranch.

He didn't know anything about it, heh?

Tell ya what, he probably didn't. They keep dummy in the dark, strung out on xanax a Jim Beam and just tell him where to sign. That's the problem with having a dipshit puppet Prez.

Grandpa Eddie said...

You could be right about Bandar...but is he alive in that basement.

That's the problem with having a dipshit puppet Prez.

I think we all know who's really in charge....the No. 2 seed, Elmer Fudd.

Gordon said...

Bush reminds me of the German sergeant on Hogan's Heroes: "I know nossing! I vant to know nossing!"

Grandpa Eddie said...

Bush reminds me of the German sergeant

I won't dispute that at all.