Saturday, February 18, 2006


First came DUBYA...THE MOVIE!

Now we proudly present BUSH....THE JOKE!

Brought to you by the lovely Tina at Fuzzy And Blue:

A Bush Joke... or a Joke= Bush... to lift the spirit

"Pix courtesy of NegativeSpin.Com. And I never realized how the words Bush and joke are practically interchangable. But anyhoo, let's lighten our spirits w/laughter shall we?"

Hat-tip and a big THANK YOU to Tina and Qu at Daily Kos.


jimbo said...

Why such a fuss over Cheney's gun
mishap? It was only the same policy
he used to invade Iraq: Shoot first; Ask questions later.

jimbo said...


Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeh, it's the same old, same old...nothing changes with these crooks.

It must be nice to be above the law.

samiranghosh said...

ha ha ha... I won't be amazed if ppl start synomizing dubia with laughter.. nice post