Sunday, February 12, 2006


Earl Bockenfeld left this link in a comment he posted at Tina's Fuzzy And Blue...who by the way is celebrating her first anniversary of blogging.

Don Knotts as Dubya

Ya gotta see this, it's funnier than hell.

Hat-tip to Earl for the link.
Thanks, pal.


EconAtheist said...

OMG.. that was too funny.

Grandpa Eddie said...

You are sooo right, Econ. It was hilarious!
Only thing is...I think Don Notts is a little too smart to play Bush.

SheaNC said...

This is too amazingly hilariously funny. I am a Don Knotts fan (which is weird in itself), and this is so perfect it's scary. Whoever put it together was dead-on accurate and did an excellent job!

Er, of course, I gotta link to it!

Grandpa Eddie said...

I like Don Knotts, too. I think the guy is funnier then hell. Someone spent quit a bit of time on putting that together...and they did a great job of it.

Link away, my friend. The more the merrier. Besides, free advertizing is such a wonderful thing.