Monday, February 27, 2006


Looks like DHS was the only member of the "group" which was opposed to the port deal with DP World.

From Capitol Hill Blue:

Within Bush Administration, only DHS opposed ports deal

The Homeland Security Department objected at first to a United Arab Emirates company's taking over significant operations at six U.S. ports. It was the lone protest among members of the government committee that eventually approved the deal without dissent.

The department's early objections were settled later in the government's review of the $6.8 billion deal after Dubai-owned DP World agreed to a series of security restrictions.

On Saturday, congressional leaders, the company and Bush administration officials reached for a compromise intended to derail plans by Republicans and Democrats for legislation next week that would force a new investigation of security issues relating to the deal. Talks were to continue through the weekend.

Yeh, they opposed the deal right up until they were told to toe the party....neocon....line.


Tina said...

So let me get this straight: Homeland Security opposed the Dubai/UAE port deal before they voted for it (per Der Bushler's strict orders I imagine). Hmm... I guess that would make them Security flip-floppers, huh?

Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeh, can you imagine that. First DHS is against the deal because of security concerns...but then, all of a sudden, everything is hunky-dory.

Either Bush or Cheney...more then likely Cheney...must've told 'em to get back in lock step.

EconAtheist said...

Let 'em fry and go down hard with this administration, Pops... let 'em fry.

/smells like a November coup

SheaNC said...

You know, at least they could give us the illusion that they care more about our (national) security than their own (financial) security. But nooooo.... they don't even care enough about us to lie to us any more!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeh....there's alot of 'em in DHS that deserve to fry...or hang...right along with the rest of the pricks.

I've got a feeling that there are some at DHS who do really care about our national security...and want to really do their job...but got overrode by the powers that be.

SheaNC said...

Indeed, which sets the stage for a whistleblower scenario.

Grandpa Eddie said...

I was hopin' for a couple of 'em to step foward...but I think they need to grow some balls first.