Friday, February 24, 2006

THEY LIED AGAIN..... that's anything new.

That state owned company from the UAE is poised to take over control of 21 ports, not 6.

From UPI via Maru by way of Fixer at Alternate Brain:

The light of day

Bastards lied to us yet again....imagine that! Gee, just when the hell were they going to tell us about this one....after everything was all said done and signed?

When you're done with reading that, go read Dubai, Dubai, Doooooo that Lurch posted at Main and Central.


Gordon said...

Are they gettin' any of your Iron & Beer ports up there in the Great White North? :)

Grandpa Eddie said...

As far as I know they ain't....and they damn well better keep their fuckin' hands off our beer ports.