Tuesday, February 07, 2006


From Buzz Flash:

This Presentation May Be Too Graphic ... A BuzzFlash Reader Contribution

"Is anyone else tired of hearing this crap whenever the "mainstream media" are talking about the consequences of the War of Choice? The announcement is made on the television "NEWS" channels every time there is a story about a bombing incident or a disaster such as the situation in New Orleans after Katrina. In fact, this warning is usually unnecessary because they will "fuzz out" any details showing severe wounds or dead bodies. This protects both those with "queasy stomachs" and those who feel that it is their "patriotic duty" to know what is going on even though they may be repulsed by actually seeing anything gruesome. While the ultra right expound about the "liberal media," the corporate owners of same are as effectively self-censored as were the German newspapers during the 1930's. They know, without a doubt, that a few episodes of showing the real results of this war and the bungled disasters at home would have this corporate-coddling administration out of office faster than the French stormed the Bastille."


"Wake up, America! Your "mainstream" media are withholding the real truth from you. The print media gives you only "approved" coverage. The television channels are insulting you by censoring the real effects of what we have done to the civilians of Iraq and, by all accounts, will do in Iran. You are on your own in your quest for the truth, but first you have to love your country enough to want to learn it. You must buy books, and actually read them. You must find web sites on your computer. Give up those who are devoted to the interests of the super-rich or expounding the religious-right propaganda and look at sites like www.whatreallyhappened.com and others to which it will link you. You must gather information equally from both sides and make up your own mind."

Hit the link at the top and read the rest, it's well worth your time.

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