Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I want to take a spot up here to shout out a big Happy Birthday to my son Thomas.


The boy's the big 3-0 today...not much of a boy any more though....grown into a fine young man. Yeh, he's still young.
Born February 22, 1976. Washington's Birthday....named him Thomas Jefferson, for my favorite Founding Father.


Karena said...

Good God, Grandpa Eddie, He's a baby! Tell him your blog buddy said Happy Birthday and grow up for goodness sake!

EconAtheist said...

Wish your kid a Happy Birthday from me, Pops. 30! Now he's big time. heehee

Oh - please tell him about how he can expect his knees and back to start failing him at any moment.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeh, he's still a young pup, but if I tell him to grow up I know what I'll hear..."I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys 'R' Us kid..."

If his knees are anything like mine, he's got about another ten years...which surprizes me 'cause he has less then half of the cartalage in one from surgery when he was 18mos. He's been bitchin' about his back for 5yrs now.

Gordon said...

Happy Birthday to the young'un.

My back hurt 'til I was forty. It's been fine for twenty years, ever since a sawbones told me not to lift anything heavier than a nightgown. ;)

Grandpa Eddie said...

I here ya, pal. They cut into my back when I was 27. Still bothers me of and on...alot has to do with the weather. It's still better then it was before.

Tina said...

Happy birthday to your Thomas, Grandpa Eddie. And I saw that you said your eldest kid will be turning 32 just me soon... hmm... I could be one of your kiddos :)

Grandpa Eddie said...

Yup, you're young enough to be one of my kids....but I don't think I could have handled twin girls right out of the gate.

In case, for some reason, I should miss...or forget, it's that 50+ brain... your birthday, here's a big Happy Birthday now.