Thursday, June 18, 2009


A writer for Fuks Nuz has been arrested for hit and run. Don Broderick hit Brian Dooda on June 10th with his SUV, knew he had hit Brian but refused to stop. Broderick continued driving and dragged Brian 200 feet before stopping.....and then the bastard hit Brian again!

From Alter Net:

Fox Newser Arrested for Dragging Cyclist 200 Yards

The NYPD has confirmed that Don Broderick, a news writer at Fox, has been taken into custody for his SUV-capades.

Don Broderick, a news writer at Fox, has been arrested for dragging a cyclist 200 yards with his SUV, Gawker has confirmed.

Brian Dooda, a 34-year-old resident of Brooklyn, told the New York Daily News on June 10 that Broderick knocked him down, forcing him to cling to the hood of the car. Dooda said that as Broderick accelerated, the two made eye contact through the windshield.

"He was expressionless, he didn't say anything," Dooda said.

Dooda posted his full police testimony about the incident on a cycling message board. Here's the excerpt:

I was riding my bicycle North on the East side of the Central Park loop in the left lane keeping a steady pace of 25mph. Just North of the reservoir, a grey s.u.v. aggressively and very deliberately cut me off in my lane, speeding within inches of my front wheel with clear intentions to harass or harm me. I gave chase. Just ahead, the light on the East Dr. (this would be the light at the crosswalk just north of the 97th St. Transverse Rd.) was red with a few cars stopped at it. The s.u.v. that swiped me came to a stop in the right lane behind these cars. I pulled in front of his vehicle directly facing the driver and, straddling my bicycle, explained to him that what he just did almost cost me my life, the speed limit is 25mph in the park and if he doesn't like it to stay out of Central Park. The driver then accelerated, lunging straight into me, knocking me and my bicycle to the ground and to the left side of his car. I quickly got to my feet and positioned myself in front of his vehicle to prevent him from fleeing the scene. I called out to bystanders to call the police and yelled at the driver that he was insane, he just hit me, and he can't leave. The driver again accelerated into me, with no intention of stopping, forcing me, prostrate, onto the drivers side hood of his vehicle. Riding precariously with a 4,000 lb wheel inches from pulling me beneath it, I screamed for the driver to " Stop!!! Please Stop!! over and over. He continued to ignore my pleas for some 200ft. keeping a steady 5 or 10mph. He then stopped suddenly allowing me to fall off the side of the hood. Just as quickly as he stopped he violently accelerated again knocking me to the side. This time I managed to stay standing. The driver then sped off Northbound. At this point several witnesses came to my aid and reported his license plate.

I would describe the driver as an older white male. He looked to be a buttoned up professional with a suit, of medium build, glasses (sunglasses maybe), short, thin, dirty grayish hair. Throughout the incident, the driver said very little. Maybe some quick comments like: "Whatever" "Get the f*ck out of here" or a shrug of the shoulders. Mostly he just starred at me with cold psychotic intent.
I sincerely hope this lunatic does not get away with this behavior. Fortunately I went home with minor injuries considering the potential of this degree of violence.

These fuckers at Fuks Nuz have no compassion for anyone, on the air or in real life. I wonder if this fucktard writes for Glenn "The Psycho" Beck!


Gordon said...

Let's hope the sonofabitch gets a little 'love' for a few months at Riker's on an assault charge.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Gordon - That would be real nice!

I've got this feelin' though, that the network lawyers will get him off, or at the least a reduced sentence. Sad to say...they've got the bucks and the pull to get that done.

It sure would be nice to see him rot for awhile!

A World Quite Mad said...

Be glad you don't live with him or any of these bastards. They treat their families the same way I'm sure.

Grandpa Eddie said...

AWQM - Oh believe me, I'm glad I'm not related to, or even know, any of those wack-jobs at Fuks Nuz.

Riot Kitty said...

That is just sick.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Riot Kitty - Yeh, it's like he thinks he owns the road and bikes don't deserve any of it or any respect.

mikeb302000 said...

You know what I noticed? The called him a "news writer." It sounds like his job is to make up the news.

Grandpa Eddie said...

mikeb - I thought about making a comment about that in the post, but had already posted it so I just left it. But you're right. There is no actual news on that network, it's all just opinion that they pass off as news.

themom said...

Yes, the O'Reilley and Hannity bunch all claim not to be newscasters..they are journalists. I beg to differ, they are liars. They twist every item until it is unrecognizable. And the SPIN begins!

Grandpa Eddie said...

themom - There is no way they are anything remotely close to journalists. Even journalists do research and check their facts first. This bunch of nobs has never checked a fact in their lives.