Thursday, June 18, 2009


The main psychotic personality at Fuks Nuz, Glenn Butt-gnome Beck, has long been known for his fabrication of the truth. What he thinks is reality, and the truth, in his little psychotic world is so far from the truth in the real world that the only ones who believe him are those who listen to him daily....and can't think for themselves.

Well....the lying little butt-plug is at it again. Like he ever stopped!

From Alter Net:

Does Glenn Beck Even Know What Glenn Beck Says?

Why can't Beck stop making stuff up?

Or are there many Glenn Becks with nationally syndicated radio shows running around saying lots of different things, and that's what's causing the confusion?

Or maybe Beck can't stop making stuff up. (We're betting No. 2.)

From Beck's online chat:

During the Iraq War, for anyone who cares to know the truth, I was on the air chastising people that were saying that Hollywood should shut up or that if you have a different opinion you should shut up. I was of the opinion that there's nothing wrong with vigorous debate, what George Washington called the "battlefield of opinion."

Beck wants everyone to understand that during that very emotional time around the start of the Iraq War, Beck was one of the level-headed ones. Beck was asking for calm and urging dissenting voices to speak up to be heard. He wanted vigorous debate.


This is from April 23, 2003. Glenn Beck's website for his radio show posted the results of a listener poll which asked the question, "Who has hacked you off the most over the last 6 months." These were among the finalists, and remember, Beck now claims he was most definitely not saying that liberal celebrities should shut up about the war.

Dixie Chicks: Not necessarily the whole group, but definitely the fat butter hog that spoke out against Bush while in Europe only to say later that it was a joke, and then again later to say she stands behind what she said in the first place.

Martin Sheen: One of the more vocal members of 'Not in our Name'. Overall, he was just a big jackass.

Michael Moore: Where to begin.... Really, there is just way to much stuff to list.

Sheryl Crow: From "WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER" to "I DON'T BELIEVE IN YOUR WAR, MR. BUSH!" she proved herself to be just another loud and annoying Hollywood type.

Susan Sarandon: No description required

That was from Glenn Beck's website. But today Beck has a much more pleasing tale to tell. Today, we're told that back in 2003 Glenn was pushing for vigorous debate and was defending Hollywood celebrities and their right to speak out against the war.

(Hat-tip to Eric Boehlert at Media Matters for America)

For a story on another wonder-child from Fuks Nuz go here.


Anonymous said...

Whenever I see clips of this guy, he just looks like a cartoon caricature. How can anyone take him seriously? Beck is getting paid to spew this ridiculous stuff. More disturbing than Beck himself are the people who can't think for themselves enough to know what a histrionic blow hole he is.

Grandpa Eddie said...

itdawnedonme - Yeh, almost as smart as Wile E. Coyote.

The "Dead End Quarter" take him very seriously.

"...histrionic blow hole.."
That's a damn fine description of the butt-gnome. I like that!

Gordon said...

I'd like to punch him.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Gordon - I'd love to watch you punch him....repeatedly.

Gordon said...

The first one would accomplish the mission. The rest of 'em'll just be for fun.

Phuck Politics said...

I try to watch this guy. I really do. But after watching two minutes of his show I black out and shit my pants.

I think my body is trying to tell me something.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Gordon - ....and I would expect you to have a lot of fun!

Phuck Politics - Ya gotta stop torturing your body and mind like that, dude. It's not good for your sanity...or your personal hygiene for that matter.

themom said...

Glen Beck is disgusting and a liar. I was tickled to death when he left CNN, and now he is a cozy fit for Faux Noise and their ilk. I love my remote control!!!!

Grandpa Eddie said...

themom - I could never figure out just why CNN had him on....but was real glad when he left.