Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Scott Roeder, the right-wing extremist terrorist who assassinated Dr. George Tiller, told the Associated Press in a telephone interview that "similar violence was planned elsewhere for "as long as abortion remains legal.""

Now, to me, this sounds like a threat that there are others that Roeder knows about, or has information of, who are planning more attacks on doctors and other women's health care workers as well as clinics which provide abortion and reproductive health services. This is a threat that the FBI, Homeland Security, and the Federal Marshals should not take lightly.

I wonder if Dick "The Evil One" Cheney would want Mr. Roeder waterboarded to get the information needed to protect the Americans who are, and have been, threatened by him and the other extremists associated with groups like Randall Terry's Operation Rescue.

Operation Rescue, and other "pro-life" groups have denied having any contact with these people who they call "loose canons." Even after it was discovered that Mr. Roeder had contact with a high ranking member of Operation Rescue, they still deny that there is anyone from their group working with these domestic terrorists by feeding them information about the doctors and the clinics.

Frank Schaeffer was interviewed by Rachel Maddow last night about how the "pro-life" movement was, and is still, involved with the radical fringe who are the extremists committing the acts of terrorism against people like Dr. Tiller and other women's health care providers.

Here's that interview:

Here is an interview that Keith Olbermann had last night on Countdown with former US Attorney Denise O'Donnell discussing how the government should handle the threat.


Riot Kitty said...

Again, your headline says it all. I wish the FBI and CIA would take these evil fuckers as seriously as vague foreign terrorist threats.

Gordon said...

Not 'pro life' at all except in the right-wing extremist 'anti-choice' phony religious sense that 'pro-life' has, sadly, come to mean.

Most definitely a 'domestic terrorist', but he's white so I'll betcha he doesn't get prosecuted on that basis, and since you can do whatever you want under a religious guise, not for 'hate crimes' either.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

I have said this before and I will say it here. Roeder and the whole mess of this situation makes it clear to me that some serious house cleaning needs to take place in our DoJ, and homeland Security.

Bush made no secret of the fact that he picked people based on their ideology--and did not necessarily take scruples, actual skill level or common sense into account {case in point that scene involving 50 monkeys fucking one greasy football we call the Iraq Reconstruction}.

How can we see justice done when the people in charge of enforcing the laws believe that Justice should be based on Biblical Interpretations instead of nonPartisan Laws applied to everyone equally?

Grandpa Eddie said...

Riot Kitty - These extremists should be taken as seriously as those vague foreign terrorist threats that Cheney talks so much about....but I think we both know that that will never happen.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Gordon - You're right. He's a white terrorist hiding behind his christainity, therefore it's not looked at as terrorism or a hate crime. A black Muslim wouldn't get that break.

Once again, bigoted racism rears it's fucking ugly head.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Seeing Eye Chick - DoJ DOES need a house cleaning as does DHS. Using that storybook called the bible should not be used as a guide that surpasses the laws of the land as well as the Constitution.

It's high time Obama did a clean sweep through both departments and removed anyone still there from the Bush/Cheney disaster.

skyewriter said...

Sounds like this person achieved more than just the assassination of the doctor.

Because clinic is now closed permanently, too, it's another hit for women's reproductive rights when they have no where else to turn...

Grandpa Eddie said...

skyewriter - I heard today that the clinic had been closed permanently. The bastard scored twice.

This is a very sad day for women's reproductive rights.

ZenYenta said...

It is. I can't blame the family for closing it, but it is pretty bad when the terrorists win.

Grandpa Eddie said...

ZenYenta - I can't blame them for closing it either. This whole travesty has turned into a lose-lose situation.