Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This last weekend Leon Panetta, the Director of the CIA, made a statement about what many of us had already thought. He said that it sounded almost [and the key word here is almost] like the former Vice President was hoping for another terrorist attack to prove him right for saying that President Obama's national security policies have made us less safe.

Since then, there have been some on the right who have accused Panetta of saying that Cheney was wishing for another attack.

As far as I'm concerned it sure sounds like the Evil One has been wanting another attack just so he will look like he was right. Of course that's just the impression that I've gotten from the Chain-man.

Lawrence O'Donnell discussed this with KO last night on Countdown.


themom said...

Duh...to all those rethuglicans. He only stated what everybody was already thinking. Let the idiots try to defend Cheney. Gag!!

Helen M. Bascom said...

He said what we are all thinking - Cheney would be thrilled to see another terrorist attack on US soil. He would point at the event and chant, "Told you so!"

Grandpa Eddie said...

themom & Helen M. Bascom - Cheney pretty mich laid it out for all of us that he was/is hoping for another attack just to prove that he was right.....even though we were more unsafe with the last administration, 9/11 is enough proof of that.