Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yesterday, after the attack at the Holocaust Museum, Fuk Nuz anchor Shepard Smith went out on a limb by saying that the Department of Homeland Security Report on right-wing extremism wasn't overblown like almost all of the conservatives said it was.

I'm sure Shep is gonna get ripped apart by Rushole "The Fat Anal Cyst" Limpballs about this.

From Think Progress:

Fox News’ Shep Smith: DHS Report Was A ‘Warning To Us All,’ But ‘The Right Went Absolutely Bonkers’

On Wednesday, a gunman — reportedly white supremacist James von Brunn — shot and killed a security guard at the Holocaust Museum in Washington. Discussing the shooting, Fox News’ Shepard Smith reminded the audience that when the Department of Homeland Security released a report warning of violent, right-wing extremists earlier this year, “the right went absolutely bonkers!” He called the report a “warning to us all,” and said DHS was “warning us for a reason.” Watch it:

Southern Povery Law Center’s Heidi Beirich told Smith that the shooting is a reminder of the real danger extremists and “crazies” pose to the U.S.:

SMITH: There’s these crazies out there. And we know it’s absolutely — there is no truth whatsoever — zero to any of those ideas. Yet, they live within the computer and they fester within people’s minds.

BEIRICH: Shepard, you’re hitting the nail on the head. We’re extremely concerned about these kinds of crazed conspiracies, whether they’re about the President, or the fact — we’re hearing things like FEMA setting up camps to round up Americans and put them in. I’m getting bad sort of deja vu from the 1990s, when anti-government militias were on the rise, when Tim McVeigh committed that violence in Oklahoma City. I’m really hoping we’re not going through a repeat of that.

Watch it:

The Wonk Room’s Andrea Nill highlights anti-immigrant screeds written by Brunn.

Smith also talked about all the wacko emails that Fuks Nuz has been receiving:


True Blue Texan said...

Who is this guy and what the hell is he doing on Fox? He sounds almost reasonable.

I'll be watching my emails from Media Matters today to see if Rushbo calls him out.

ZIRGAR said...

Shep is a lone, sane voice in the Reich wing wilderness over at FUX News. God bless him. He deserves better.

Grandpa Eddie said...

True Blue - Shep is the one sane and reasonable voice at Fuks Nuz. I gotta give him credit, he sticks to the truth.

ZIRGAR - He is all alone over there in that right-wing wilderness, and he does deserve much better.

I've got a feeling he's gonna get ripped a new one by somebody over this.

Riot Kitty said...

Good for him!

A World Quite Mad said...

Again, great minds think alike. I just posted something on this on my blog, I didn't even know that any of the right-wing had drawn the conclusion. Most of them are thicker than sap in the middle of an Alaskan winter.

Thanks for posting this!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Riot Kitty - Damn straight!

AWQM - Ahhh, yes....the great minds thing....ain't it wonderful.

It's nice to know that there is at least one person at Fuks Nuz that can think for himself, without the Fat Anal Cyst telling him how to think.

David Aquarius said...

Ask and you shall receive... Huff Post just released a video of the Talking Butt Pimple railing against Shep Smith


You know, someone somewhere has got to have photos of this troll doing the nasty with farm animals in the Dominican Republic. If there's any justice in the world they are out there.

Grandpa Eddie said...

David - Thanks for the link.

I went and listened to what Rushole had to say. What a bunch of bullshit comin' outta his mouth. Saying that since 2003 that the MSM have been constantly degrading and hating Bush!?!? What a lying sack of shit. The MSM continually propped him up, along with his hateful agenda!

Cheney and his evil spawn aren't the only ones trying to re-write history. That fucking Fat Anal Cyst is doing it too!

Helen M. Bascom said...

Thank you for excellent, entertaining, and honest commentary.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Helen M. Bascom - Thank you very much for that compliment. I try hard to do my best.

BTW...Welcome to the group, Helen.