Sunday, June 21, 2009


To all the fathers out there, everywhere in the world, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, dudes!

To all those who are "fathers" to four legged kids [like Gordon], HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you dudes, too.

These are for all of us.....


themom said...

Oooh..Cat Stevens (or whatever his Muslim name is now) and Harry Chapin. Two great all-time songs. Hope your Father's Day was a nice one.

Grandpa Eddie said...

themom - I'd have to say thise were two of their best....although I really like Chapin's "Taxi", too.

The day was ok.

PENolan said...

I can't even listen to Cat Stevens without getting teary. Despite the difficulties of being married to my ex-husband, he's a good dad and I'm grateful.

Grandpa Eddie said...

PENolan - It is a good thing that he is a good dad. There are so many "fathers" who have nothing to do with their "kids".

Your kids are very fortunate.

David Aquarius said...

I've noted this on other threads throughout the Toobs but I'm one of the fortunate folks who have a father that sets the gold standard for the rest.

Happy Dad's Day to all the ball catchers, model makers, nose and butt wipers, burp instructors and pick 'em up put 'em back on the bike guys.

Enjoy your day!

Riot Kitty said...

You pick the best music! I hope your kid(s?) did something nice for you for Father's Day. Mr RK got a card from the cats ;)

mikeb302000 said...

Eddie, Thanks for those two classics and the good father's day wishes. Same to you.

Nancy said...

Good morning Eddie! I'm feeling somewhat better this morning, but not well enough to blog yet - just comment. My shoulder and arm is just killing me without pain meds which puts me to sleep.

When my son was 4 years old, his Dad and I divorced. He (my son) was heartbroken so I promised him that his dad and I would always be his parents who love him and we would always be friends. I kept that promise. His Dad remarried and I remarried, but because of our son, the four of us became good friends and made sure we always spent birthdays, holidays and special events together with our son. His Dad and step-Dad (my hubby) always liked each other and each became wonderful fathers. Over the years, our son got the benefit of having two Dads with different interests and two Moms who really loved him. It was a good lesson for us all that the kid was the one who really mattered. When we set aside our differences, our son just flourished and grew up to be a productive, happy, fun person with kids of his own. Dads are such an important part of any kid's life and I'm so happy my son got the benefit of having two great men to help raise him.

Grandpa Eddie said...

David - That is so cool that you have a dad who is head and shoulders above so many others. You had the best roll model!

Thanks for the good wishes, my good friend.

Riot Kitty - Thank you for the compliment....I try hard to please.

That is so cool that the cats gave Mr RK a Father's Day card. Those "dads" deserve cards, too.

mikeb - You're welcome, and I hope the kids were good to dad.

Thanks for the thought buddy.

Nancy - Good Morning! I'm glad to hear from you and that you are doing better. I hope that pain in your shoulder and arm subside soon.

That is wonderful how you and your ex put aside your differences to make sure your son was raised with all the love and guidance he deserved. Sometimes four parents are so much better than just two.

Gordon said...

Thanks, Ed. My 'kids' brought me a lovely dead mouse for a present!

I hope your Dad's Day was terrific.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Gordon - You're welcome pal. At least the mouse was dead....makes it easier to play fetch with the "kids."

It was quiet yesterday....nobody called.

Gordon said...

Any day where nothing goes wrong is a good one.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Gordon - Yes it is...but I wished I would have heard from my kids.

My eldest son called a while ago. He apologized for not calling yesterday. At least HE called, that's more than I can say for the other three.