Monday, September 05, 2005


New Orleans, Year Zero

Jeff Wells, Rigorous Intuition


September 4, 2005

When the storm clouds gather 'round you, and heavy rains descend
Just remember that death is not the end - Bob Dylan

From this morning (an interview can be heard here):

Just received a message that people are being kept from leaving this location by FEMA!

Harry truman school. 5417 Ehret Road Marrero, LA 70072 Jefferson County Phone: (504) 341-0961 Don Boyle and Danny Walker are at Harry Truman Middle School in Marrero LA, under MARITAL in feces and filth..ppl are dying around him..the GOVT won't let him go....they are DYING..all 60..they had 362 down to 60 still water, no ice...23 murders, 123 rapes...

From today's Independent, stories from the Superdome that make sense the way Abu Ghraib makes sense:

"We went there because we thought we would be safe, but instead we were more inmates than anything." James, 31, was born in New Orleans. After what happened in the Superdome, he says, he will never, ever, go back to the city. "I can't go back there after what we've been through." By the last night, he says, the soldiers of the National Guard had given up even patrolling the inside of the arena, leaving it to succumb to its own ugliness and anarchy.

"There was babies born and put in the garbage".... When the bathrooms became so foul that going into them was impossible, people began squatting down just anywhere to relieve themselves. "Human beings don't live like that, people in the street don't live like that," she says.

FEMA is scrubbing its pages.

Here's a cache of a page updated Tuesday, August 31:

The same page today has left blank the last date of revision, and has moved ahead the date of the declaration of Hurricane Katrina from August 27 to August 29.

How will they survive this crisis? Easy. They'll create another crisis.

It's how they govern, by burying one catastrophe with another. Containing disaster is not in their interest. And it's not how Halliburton does business.

Katrina accelerates the broadening of the war. Drumbeats to solve the Iran "problem" will likely become deafening in coming weeks. You may want to cover your ears, but you should know what you'll be missing. Your eyes, too. There will be a lot of John Bolton.

At least the flags have finally been lowered to half staff, now William Rehnquist has died.

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