Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Anyone who has ever been subpoenaed, or for that matter indicted, you know that the person serving the subpoena can show up anywhere at any time. You could be at work, at home, in the grocery store, or at school like I was when I got served once-upon-a-time, or sometimes they save any possible embarassment and just mail it to you.

I wonder where Tommy-boy was when he was served his indictment today. Chances are that it was done in private, but I sure hope not. I hope the prick was with a group of GOPers, or with some of his rich campaign backers.

Anyway, the state of Texas lowered the boom on his ass today. Tommy-boy says he'll be cleared of all charges, but I don't think he's going to be able to slink away from this one as easily as he has with some of the things he's been accused of in the past.

Below you'll find links to more on this.

CNN:Indicted majority leader steps down
ABC:Rep. DeLay Calls Indictment 'Baseless'
BBC:Bush ally faces criminal charge
New York Times:DeLay Is Indicted and Forced to Step Down as Majority Leader
Reuters:Blunt picked to replace DeLay as US House leader

And a little more from one of the local TV stations:
Video: Delay Says Indictment 'A Sham'
Video: Delay's Political Life Texas Tough
Video: White House Calls Delay 'Good Ally'


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