Saturday, September 17, 2005


I used to be amazed at how the Evil Emperor Chimp and his band of goons would do and say things that were flat-out stupid. Like all the bullshit about WMD's in Iraq, the Iraq-9/11 connection that was never there...but the chimp still uses, repeatedly. Then there's the chimp's Alfred E. Newman impression of "What, me worry?" that he has refined to an art.

For some time now, though, there has been nothing that these idiots and assholes do that amaze me. If they we're little kids some of the stupid things could be understood. But they are not little kids, they are supposed to be grown men with fairly decent amount of intelligence.

I can see now that intelligence is one of their lesser qualities, if they have any at all. Because of this lack of power in the gray matter they seem to think that all of us are fools and rubes.

Here are some examples from Salon that I think will help prove my point.

How to rebuild New Orleans? Pass more tax cuts.
And, believe it or not, allow drilling in Alaska and support school vouchers.
Andrew Leonard

"You're surely kidding"
More information about FEMA comes to light.
Aaron Kinney

The Bush administration's love affair with animals
First it put Michael Brown in charge of FEMA. Now a veterinary expert will lead the FDA's Office of Women's Health.

Understatement of the day
Three years is a very long time.

It's all God's fault
The president says he'll take responsibility for the government's failings in Katrina, but he blames all the consequences on a higher power.


EconAtheist said...

It's almost revolution time, pops... almost...

Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeah, it's startin' to look like that more and more every day ain't it.