Thursday, September 01, 2005


That's right, 37,000,000 of your fellow citizens are living below the poverty line. That's 12.7 of the total United States population.

If we are the richest nation in the world, why is it we have so many people living in poverty. Is it something these people did to deserve this? I don't think so.

None of these people gave hugh tax breaks to the rich with the promise of better jobs and better pay. George W. Bush did that. So, just where the hell are these better jobs? Nowhere! Those tax cuts were for the chimp's buddies. Sort of a payback for the 2000 election theft.

The Emperor Chimp is also the one who decided it was more important to spend hundreds of billions of dollars that is, your's and mine...on his little game called War and Domination. To him it is far better to spend tax dollars on death and destruction than it is to spend it on the health and wellbeing of the citizens of this country.

The poverty rate in this country has gone up every single year since that bastard in the White Whorehouse stole the 2000 election from the people of this used-to-be great land.

The last time there was a decline in the percentage of people living in poverty was the last year of Bill Clinton's second term. Of course that was also the last time this country didn't have a deficit.

Now you can add on Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans was not prepared for this type of onslaught from mother nature. Why, you ask? Because the fuckin' chimp gutted the funds that were supposed to go for hurricane preparedness by 44% over the last two years so he could fund his "little war" in Iraq.

Things in New Orleans keep going from bad to worse. Dead bodies floating. Looters. It's gotten so bad that the mayor had to pull the police of search and rescue to try to stop the looting. This shows another good a bad light...of what this country has become. And this all starts at the top with the asshole in charge.

Maybe it's time to step up and take this country back from the corporations, the ultra-rich, the theocrats, the neo-cons, and all the other bastards who have taken control. It's our country and I think it's time we reminded them all of that.

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