Friday, September 23, 2005


On 18 August 27 tornadoes struck southern Wisconsin, one of which was an F3 that cut through Dane County.

Governor James Doyle, a Democrat, asked for federal assistance from FEMA which has since been turned down. Could it be that the request for federal aid was turned down because Wisconsin carried Sen. John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential Election?

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FEMA Denies Wisconsin Disaster Aid

POSTED: 4:34 pm CDT September 23, 2005
Gov. Jim Doyle announced late Friday afternoon that Wisconsin counties hit by a tornado on Aug. 18 will not receive aid from FEMA."I'm dismayed by this decision, having seen firsthand the damage these tornadoes caused," Doyle said. "While I understand that FEMA's resources are strained, the country shouldn't be in the position of having to choose between victims of one disaster and victims of another," Doyle said in a news release.Doyle requested federal disaster assistance for Dane, Richland, and Vernon Counties after 27 tornadoes struck southern Wisconsin, killing one person and injuring 23.An F3 tornado touched down in Dane County causing a 17-mile-long and one-half-mile wide path of destruction. More than 400 homes were damaged and 67 were destroyed. "We will appeal this decision and do everything we can to help the people whose lives were disrupted by these devastating tornadoes," Doyle said.The state may still request low interest loans from the Small Business Administration for homeowners affected by the tornadoes.


karena said...

Good God! They would cut off funds to Kerry states, no doubt.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Not just the Kerry states...but any state with a democrat governor or majority. Louisiana is a good example.