Saturday, September 03, 2005


People all over the world have seen the pictures and heard the reports coming out of Louisianna, Alabama, and Mississippi. They have seen the devastation, death, and destruction. Everyday, people everywhere are sending financial help. Many are even offering physical help.

Cuban President Fidel Castro has offered the US assistance

New Orleans is short of food,
water and medical supplies

A number of countries have offered to send aid to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Offers have come from Canada, Venezuela, Jamaica, and Cuba to name just a few.

Dead bodies are lying in the
streets of the devastated city

Has the Emperor Chimp accepted any of these honorable offers? HELL NO! You ask why? Because he's an arrogent fuckin' bastard that doesn't care about real people. He has proved this time and time again.

He ignored the warnings about Osama bin Laden and the probability of a large scale attack on the US. He ignored the warnings from the CIA and military about what would happen if he invaded Iraq. Now he has ignored the warnings of what would happen to New Orleans should it be hit by a large hurricane.

An effective rescue plan for the city has yet to kick in

If the fuckin' Idiot in Chief doesn't like something someone is telling him he either ignores it or gets mad and walks off. Sometimes those people get demoted, transfered, or even fired.

That bastard didn't have a problem with sending aid to brother Jeb in Florida right after it was hit by Hurricane Andrew. But then, Florida helped him steal the 2000 election by not being able to use simple math to count votes. So that could have been a favor returned.

Thousands are feared dead and
decaying corpses litter the roads

It took the asshole five days...that's 120 do anything at all. ANYTHING, including mentioning it. Then he was such a great guy...gag me...that he cut his vacation short by one day. Wow, wasn't that nice of him. The fuckin' assbag didn't take this long to respond to the Tsunami last year.

Just what the fuck is wrong with that bastard? Doesn't he care about his own countrymen? The answer to the first question is he's a self-centered uncaring prick. The answer to the second question is the same, he's a self-centered uncaring prick.

There is one good thing that hopefully will come out of this ominus tragedy. This just might be enough to bring about his downfall and in turn the release of the strangle-hold the repukes have on this country.

I wish to appologize to all those countries which have offered aid that have been turned down. I am very sorry that your offers were not accepted by that fuckin' fool who be President of these United States. We really do need your help. As a citizen of the United States I greatly appreciate your offers and wish I could accept them for the health and welbeing of my fellow countrymen.


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Angela1_20 said...

You speak for many of us, keep speaking the truth!!