Friday, September 02, 2005


Great post at The Obfuscation Report.

Go read it here: From CNN?


via said...

Incredible. Where in gods' name did Bush find Brown? This is beyond inexcusable.

Grandpa Eddie said...

He pulled him out of the sewer just like all his other cronies.

EconAtheist said...

Hiya Eddie... sorry I haven't checked out your blog until now. Good stuff, man.

I gotta turn on word verification like you have - I actually got spammed. Criminy. I only get like 15 visitors per day. lol

Grandpa Eddie said...

Thanks for stoppin' by. I'd like to get to your blog more then I do, but time usually doesn't permit that.

Yup, spammers made me do the WV. Nice thing though, no spam.

10 - 20 visitors a day is what I average. Some days more, some days less. You'll get that, too.

EconAtheist said...

Well I just bookmarked ya, oldtimer. ;)

Grandpa Eddie said...

I gotcha linked here, youngster. ;^)