Monday, September 05, 2005


Clueless! That's what they are, clueless. Neither department had any idea of what to do.

First they told the Red Cross to leave New Orleans before Katrina hit while they were trying to get people out. Then after Katrina was done they were not allowed back in to try to rescue those who couldn't get out or had gotten trapped.

FEMA and DHS would not allow the Red Cross to go in to deliver food and water, saying it wasn't safe. Two semis full of bottled water from WalMart were not allowed to take the water to those in need.

A barricade was set-up on the bridge which was the only escape route for those in the Superdome and would not allow supplies in or survivers out.

Food stations were set-up for photo ops for Bush. As soon as Bush and the media left these were torn down or abandoned.

When the Idiot in Chief and the First Bitch showed up everything came to a halt. No food and water was handed out. Rescue choppers were grounded. Everyone had to wait for food and water and rescue until they had enough pictures taken of those two assholes.

FEMA and DHS waited five days before they started doing anything, while people were suffering and dying. Babies went without formula. People in need of medications received none. More people died.

All through this Bush was praising FEMA chief Michael Brown. My feelings, take Brown out and shoot him for allowing so many people to suffer and die.

So here's my advice to FEMA and DHS. Get the FUCK out of the way of those who really care and are really trying to help. These REAL helpers have enough obstacles to deal with. They do not need you getting in the way and preventing them from doing their job.

I have some advice for the Idiot in Chief and the First Bitch, too. Take your photo ops and shove them up your asses. The New Orleans residents and their rescuers don't need you going in and stopping the work they are trying so hard to get done. This is not the time to worry about your political vanity. Fuck your photo ops! Stay the fuck away and let these people who are really trying to help do what they need to do!

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