Monday, January 02, 2006


Found these at Capitol Hill Blue this morning:

CIA operative says Bush, military leaders let bin Laden escape
The top CIA counterterrorism officer who tracked Osama bin Laden through the mountains of Afghanistan says the United States could have captured the terrorist leader if President George W. Bush and the American military had devoted the necessary resources to the hunt and capture.
FUBAR Jan 2, 2006, 06:19


Time to impeach a President
I’ve always felt impeachment is the nuclear option of politics; a drastic action we call in after all else fails. That’s why I’ve been reluctant to call for the impeachment of President George W. Bush. No longer. The reckless, arrogant actions of the man leave me with no choice but to consider that final solution. Time to impeach the son of a bitch.
The Rant Jan 2, 2006, 08:26


SheaNC said...

I think my wife and I will save up to buy some comfy chairs to watch the impeachment hearings! Yeah!

Tina said...

I'll pop the popcorn (extra butter okay?) if someone else brings some cold ones... all are welcome to gather in our living room (there is seating for 10 there plus plenty of comfy pillows and blankies) and don't worry 'bout the swearing at the tv... the 3 yr old hears it regularly.

EconAtheist said...

Well, Pops... if Abramhoff gets enough congresspeople in trouble with his testimony, there may be a shot at having some big turnover in November -- and having the House actually draft Articles of Impeachment soon thereafter.

Even given that, there's tons more work to be done... gotta make sure that this kind of crap we've endured over the past 5 years never happens in this country, ever again, from *any* political party. Publicly financed campaigns, instant runoff voting, strict lobbying regs, etc etc...

What Would Democratic
Elections Look Like?

Time to politically free ourselves from the grips of well-funded special interest groups of *all* kinds and restore the democratic process to one of representing We the People... a process comprised of presenting factual evidence and participating in honest debate, rather than spinning and marketing.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Don't be makin' it too comfy...don't wanna be noddin' off.

I'd be glad to bring the barley pop and tequila....if I lived closer. Alot closer.

For all the crap, we should be able to get some benifit from Abramhoff.

Thanks for the link, pal.

Re: last paragraph.
Love to see that true American spirit.

Silly Adventures said...

I am glad to offer my living room in London for any US Americans living abroad and wanting to watch the hearings of King George.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Silly Adventures,
I'm sure someone from the US living in Britain will take you up on that offer. I know if I were there, I would. I can't wait for that show to begin.

Thanks for offering your livingroom to my fellow patriots...and thanks for stopping by.

via said...

I'm still hopeful that Fitzmas is coming.......better late than never. My stocking is still hung by the chimney with care. A Cheney indictment and Bush impeachment would just about fill it, with room for Rove at the top.

this is via, but blogger has lost my password so I am signing on as "other"

better than mother, I guess

BJ said...

Hi all, here's an interesting piece from huffington's post that should irk and/or scare everyone.. it's a perfect example of the abuse of power of the bush/cheney administration..

long story short, James Moore, author of the best selling book "Bush's Brain..." has been on the NO FLY LIST for a year and can't seem to find any way to get off of it.. why is he on the list? I've heard others are in the same situation. they can't fly and can't find anyone to help them or answer them.. here's the article on james moore.. enjoy..


Grandpa Eddie said...

Hi kid! Glad to see you stopped by, been missin' your comments and the posts on your blog.

Yeh, I'm still waitin' for Fitzmas to arrive, too.

Your name did show...blogger can just be a pile of crap at times.

better than mother, I guess

If you would have signed in as mother, I would have gotten a little's been gone for almost 3yrs now.

Just love that pic you've got of Rummy...really shows his IQ...or lack thereof.

Thanks for the link. I already saw that post somewhere else...but thanks for puttin' it here. Ya never know who'll stop by to read comments that hasen't seen it yet.

Thanks again, kid.