Saturday, January 21, 2006


From Gordon over at Alternate Brain:

Greater Georgelandia

Fiore, just for fun.


Helen Wheels said...

As a fellow Flash cartoonist, I LOVE IT!

He's really talented. And sadly, it's funny 'cause it's true!

"Power to the Peep hole" indeed.

Grandpa Eddie said...

I thought it was very apropos for that evil little weazel.

Tina said...

My God... Fiore has done it again... made me laugh and sob all at the same time... Good God... it's in the middle of the afternoon & I only drink socially, yet becoming a raging alcoholic is becoming more and more appealing as time goes on... sigh... burp...

Grandpa Eddie said...

Tequila the pool....daily at 1pm.

Tina said...

You're on Grandpa Eddie. I'll bring the tabasco sauce and limes.. but I have to warn ya... if my dad comes along, he is the master of shots of Wild Turkey... it could get messy.

Grandpa Eddie said...

"I'll bring the tabasco sauce and limes.."
Only if you need 'em. Straight up for me...don't need no stinking training wheels.

Hell, tell dad to be there. The more the merrier...but he can have all the Wild Turkey.