Monday, January 02, 2006


From Badtux, via Fixer at Alternate Brain:

A real American's manifesto

I am an American. I am an American from back when that meant something, back when America was the land of the free and the home of the brave. Here is my manifesto:

1.Real Americans don't cringe in fear. If you try to scare me into giving up essential liberties because of some swarthy fellers in the middle east, you ain't a real American. You're just a pussy wimp who ain't fit to lick George Washington's petrified dick.


6.Real Americans are ornery. They don't march lock-step. They don't believe stuff just 'cause a lot of other folks believe stuff. If you march lock-step, if you believe stuff because Rush told it to ya and so it must be true, if you think a certain way 'cause Paul Harvey told you that's how you're supposed to think, you ain't a real American. You're just an ignorant brownshirt sucking someone else's intellectual dick, and ain't fit to lick Samuel Adams's petrified dick.

Now...go see Badtux and read the rest.


EconAtheist said...

Patrick Henry is puking in his grave, as we speak.

Grandpa Eddie said...

When I read this, I just had to post on it. Badtux did a great my thoughts put into words.