Friday, January 27, 2006


Two items from Alternate Brain I'm passing along to all my readers who may not have seen them yet. One from Gordon, and the other from Fixer.

First from Gordon:

Stop Alito; Support the Filibuster

...and from Fixer:

Filibuster Alito

My senators support it, Gord's too. What about yours? If they don't, start calling.

If you haven't signed the petition yet, please do so. Our liberties are at risk.

If you haven't called your Senator yet, please call. They need to hear from you. Hell, even call your Republican Senators and let them know where you stand. It just might be a wake-up call for them.


Gordon said...

Thanks, Ed. We gotta gang up on these assholes.

Grandpa Eddie said...

We gotta gang up on these assholes.

Your damn right we do! One way or another, we've gotta stop the country from slipping into a theocratic fascist monarchy.