Monday, January 30, 2006


I've been watching C-SPAN2 since I got home from work. I was really shocked at the Democrats who turned their backs on us and the rest of the country as well as the Constitution.

Here's a list of the Democrats who have voted for Alito's confirmation along with their email addresses:

Robert Byrd, D, WV

Kent Conrad, D, ND

Tim Johnson, D, SD

Benjamin E. Nelson D, NE

Let's all email them and ask them just why they voted the way they did, and why they turned their backs on us.

Here's the list of Senators who had not voted at the time of my posting this:

Evan Bayh, D, IN

Maria Cantwell, D, WA

Byron L. Dorgan, D, ND

Mary L. Landrieu, D, LA

John D. Rockefeller,IV, D, WV

Olimpia J. Snowe, R, ME

Let's start sending these Senators emails to ask them to vote NO For the country, our future, and the Constitution.

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