Saturday, August 27, 2005


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Thirty-four percent of Americans believe in UFOs. Twenty-four percent believe in witches. And in the new AP-Ipsos Poll out today, 20 percent of Americans say they "approve strongly" of the way the Bush administration is handling the war in Iraq.

Another 16 percent say they "approve somewhat," taking the overall approval rating to 36 percent. Fifty-eight percent say they disapprove either "strongly" or "somewhat." And 53 percent of the public now says that the United States made a mistake in starting the war in Iraq. As the AP notes, that's about the same level of opposition measured for the Vietnam War in August 1968 -- which is to say, about 20,000 American deaths before that war ended.

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Cindy Sheehan's demand that war supporters pick up gun and fight has gotten under the skin of conservative pundits.
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What happens in Crawford stays in Crawford
The president invites the press over for a party, but with one condition: Nodody reports what is said.

Next for Cindy Sheehan: A roadtrip
She'll launch a nationwide bus tour before moving her protest to a more permanent home in Washington.

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