Friday, August 12, 2005


Why is it that the only democrats that are willing to stand up to the Emperor Chimp and the bastards that follow him...or is that lead him...are the ones that no longer hold office or never did?

I found the following at the Huffington Post via Buzz Flash. Gary Hart speaks the truth.

Hey Joe Lieberman, go fuck yourself!

Gary Hart

A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

If democracy only works when there is open discussion of opposing ideas and policies, and if the opposition party, in this case the Democrats, has hand-cuffed, blind-folded, gagged, and hog-tied itself to a failed invasion and occupation in the Middle East, where will the expanding majority of Americans look for a representative, a spokesperson, a voice for their anger, frustration, and distrust at being misled?

The circumstances suggest it should be a Senate or House Democratic leader, a recognized authority on foreign policy constantly seen on the Sunday talk shows, certainly one of the many “leaders” lining up to seek the Democratic Party’s nomination for president in 2008.

Strangely, no one in any of those categories comes to mind. Their voices are silent. Thus, both they and the party they claim or presume to represent look dumbstruck, awkward, pitiful, and timid. Where the single greatest issue of the day, and one of the most potent issues of our time, is concerned, there is no courageous opposition.

Meanwhile, the caskets keep coming home…with no public official to greet them or to respect them. They are the forgotten dead and they represent thousands more of the even more forgotten wounded.

But wait. There is someone to hold the emperor to account. There is someone willing to look ridiculous, to be mocked and made a fool of, to challenge the conventional wisdom of the court.

She, unfortunately, is not a Senator. She is not a party leader. She is not in the regular establishment Rolodex of the Sunday talk producers. Yet, she holds the highest office available in a republic, that of citizen.

And to the embarrassment of both Republican and Democratic establishments, she takes that office more seriously than they—the silent “leaders”—do theirs. When the last Marine leaves Iraq, dead or alive, she can claim more credit than them all. Because of the courage of one brave woman, she quite possible will have had more to do with finally bringing this great nation back to its senses... and to its principles.

Remember her name. It is Cindy Sheehan.

Now ain't that the truth. We've got all these so-called democrats in Congress that don't have the balls to stand up to that bastard Bush, but are willing to come to all of us with hands out for donations at election time.

Hillary Clinton of all people should be right next to Cindy in Crawford. But she's not, she's out stumping for votes for 2008. Bitch, you ain't no caring democrat.

Joe Lieberman, where the fuck are you? You say you care about people? Bullshit! All you care about is looking tough so you can get votes for 2008.

Hey Joe, kiss my everlovin' ass and then GO FUCK YOURSELF you lyin' piece of shit!
Hey Hillary, the same to you, too!

For those who read this and think I'm pissed, you are goddamn right I'm fuckin' pissed at damn near every fuckin' so called democrat out there!


karena said...


I feel the same way about Hillary and Joe. We need Paul Hackett and Wesley Clark in '08. Where in the hell is Dean? If he is there is Crawford, God forgive my ignorance. So far, I have not seen him there.

Grandpa Eddie said...

No, Karena, Howie Dean isn't there. As far as I can tell there isn't any of the DNC or DLC big-shots in Crawford with Cindy. I don't think there are any elected democrats there at all.

There is an orgaization from the east coast, Cape Cod area I think, that is paying for the transportation of a group to go to Crawford to protest alongside Cindy.

My understanding is, that if she doesn't get to have a meeting with the chimp at the ranch, she's gonna follow him back to DC. If that's the case, Cindy will have many more people there to stand with her.