Sunday, August 07, 2005


This week the State of Ohio suffered a great loss. In two separate incidences, twenty-two Marines from one unit were killed in action in the war in Iraq. This appears to be the largest loss of life for any one state at one time.

More precious young blood spilled in a war that is unjust and illegal. More young blood on the hands of George W. Bush, The Lying Asshole in Chief.

Hey, Bush, what are you going to tell these Marine's mothers? What are you going to tell their fathers, sisters, and brothers? Pray tell, you fascist jerk, just how are you going to explain to their children why they will never see their daddys again.

Listen up, Chimpy, you once said you wanted to get Saddam because he tried to have your dad killed. With over 1800 dead by the DOD's count...which by the way I believe is short by about 9000...there are alot of kids in this country without a mommy or daddy.

You wanted Saddam, now we want you out of office for treason. You bastard, you lied to get us into this illegal war. You have lied to cover up lies. You have put our national security at risk all for the benifit of your rich friends and Cheney's.

Ohio suffered way too much this week. This country has suffered way too much since you started with your lying. It is time for you and your entire administration to step down. We all are fed-up with your lies.

It's time to bring down the house, the White House that is. It's time to write to our Senators and Representatives and tell them that we want impeachment proceedings to begin. In fact, go find them and tell them in person, they're all on recess this entire month. If they didn't come home during this recess that just means that they really don't care about their constituants, and it's time to replace them. Remember, elections are in 2006 and again in 2008.

My heart goes out to the State of Ohio, especially to those who have lost loved this week. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
May God bless you.


via said...

It was hardly a good trade, was it? Attempted hit on George I doesn't begin to balance the dead and injured that his son will have to carry around on his conscience. Although, I don't really believe he has a conscience. His religion must absolve him of all that.......bastard.


Grandpa Eddie said...

You're right, via, it wasn't a good trade-off, in fact it was a piss-poor one.

And again you're right, that bastard doesn't have a conscience.